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Billy Wong

Billy is the Director of Research & Development at Designblendz who helps the team to keep up with the fast-paced technological world. He is inquisitive towards new ideas and meticulous at research, which makes him a problem solver among other traits.
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Recent Posts

Essential Reads: The 2021 Lumber Shortage

By Billy Wong | 5/17/21 12:00 PM

As people who design and build wood-framed houses, the sky-high lumber price is a legitimate concern to us because it has a direct impact on construction costs. Although do-it-yourself home improvement projects became popular during the pandemic, such consumer activity is not the main driving force of lumber prices.

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RSA-6: Philadelphia’s Newest Zoning District

By Billy Wong | 5/10/21 2:30 PM

After almost three months of reviews and amendments, Bill No. 21007801-A was signed on April 28, 2021. Introduced in the beginning of February this year, the most outstanding part of the proposal was the addition of the new base zoning district RSA-6 to the Philadelphia Zoning Code.

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Enscape 3.0: Real-Time Rendering Made Easy

By Billy Wong | 3/25/21 9:00 AM

As Enscape fans, we were surprised and delighted by the launch of Enscape 3.0 at the beginning of March 2021. A version number going up an entire digit means big changes, and it shows on the new branding. We are excited to see what is new as we dive into the program.

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How to Stand Out in a Design Expo

By Billy Wong | 3/11/21 7:42 AM

Are you a student attending your first design expo? Here's how you can stand out, even if you don't have impressive credentials. This article mainly covers the architecture profession, but some of the advice applies to other design disciplines such as interior, graphic, animation, and industrial design.

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Revit Speedrun: What We Can Learn from Repetition

By Billy Wong | 3/1/21 10:30 AM

What is a speedrun? It is nothing more than a race to complete a specific task. Racing driver Sir Lewis Hamilton does speedruns, as does a high school student who can complete Super Mario Brothers in under 300 seconds. Let's explore speedruns to improve efficiency in Revit.

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A Closer Look at Overlay Zoning Districts in Philadelphia

By Billy Wong | 2/17/21 3:18 PM

Overlay zoning districts are like bandages, quick fixes. They address afterthoughts, seldom foresight. When the general zoning codes do not quite apply, overlay districts append or amend development standards. 

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Book Review: Architects After Architecture

By Billy Wong | 2/4/21 2:44 PM

The egoist who talks nothing but a linear artistic vision, the employee of an alpha-seeking investor-developer; these descriptions suit some architects, but are despised by most. The variety of contributions by the people featured in Architects After Architecture proves there is more to care about in the built environment than stereotypes.

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Why Architects Don't Need Real-Time Rendering

By Billy Wong | 1/12/21 9:15 AM

If you work in architecture, you might have come across something called "real-time rendering."

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Philadelphia's New Development Taxes: What You Need to Know

By Billy Wong | 12/18/20 9:45 AM

In 2019, Philadelphia City Council announced a major change to the 10-year tax abatement for residential development. The 20-year-old program that originally encouraged residential development in the city will drastically reduce incentives for new homeowners and developers—but now they don't go into effect until 2022. Here's what you need to know about the 10-year tax abatement changes and other development tax bills that recently passed.

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The State of Real Estate Development in Philadelphia 2020

By Billy Wong | 12/9/20 9:30 AM

The real estate development scene in Philadelphia remains active despite the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. No matter the neighborhood, construction can be seen on nearly every block. Our team has analyzed available data regarding properties, zoning, and permits to get a clearer picture of the state of development.

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