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How Designblendz Built A Philadelphia Sushi Restaurant

By Designblendz | 8/28/18 5:09 PM

Working in construction, we see dozens of different projects every week. There are some projects, however, that feel truly special.

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Building Permit Application Process in Philadelphia

By Designblendz | 3/23/18 10:05 AM
If you are looking to expand or build a property in Philadelphia, understanding the building permit application process is key. 
A building permit application is necessary for Philadelphia whenever you're making any alterations to a building.
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Philadelphia Historic Row House Renovation Tips

By Designblendz | 12/21/17 11:00 AM
Renovating a historic row house is exciting and challenging. These expert tips can help you know when to hire a professional and when to DIY.

 Philadelphia takes pride in being a historic city.

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How to Choose Historic Paint Colors

By Designblendz | 12/15/17 11:00 AM
This simple guide makes it easy to select the right historic paint colors to show off the true beauty of your property for years to come.

 Paint color is everything if you want great exterior and interior design. This is especially important when restoring a historic building.

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Steps to Get Your Building Permit in Philadelphia, PA

By Designblendz | 12/11/17 10:00 AM
Remodeling or renovating an existing structure in Philadelphia? There are building permit requirements. Master the steps with this guide to easier permitting.

 You know the old phrase - sometimes, a change is as good as a rest. If you can't afford to buy a new property, remodeling an existing structure can be a good substitute.

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City Zoning is Stranger Than You Think - Here's The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional

By Designblendz | 11/17/17 9:15 AM

5 Reason to Hire a Professional for City Zoning

Delays, redesigns, and fines cost money and time. Hire a city zoning professional for your project and avoid the headaches and budget hits.

 City zoning can be a frustrating part of the construction process. But instead of doing the right thing and hiring a professional, some companies think they can handle it on their own.

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The Step-by-Step How to Guide on Getting a Building Permit in Philadelphia

By Designblendz | 11/15/17 9:12 AM
Getting permits can require a lot, especially getting a building permit. If you're in Philadelphia, here's how you can get your building permit.

Are you ready to build a new home or business? Or maybe you've got plans in hand to do some major renovations?

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