Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies & Tips

By Designblendz | 10/17/18 12:50 PM

7 Bulletproof Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Increase revenue and solidify future sales with these unbeatable commercial real estate marketing strategies. Rise above the competition by implementing the latest strategies and incorporating modern technology.


    The way realtors market is evolving at a breakneck pace. Online marketing has changed the game.

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How to Use Virtual Design to Sell Homes

By Designblendz | 10/12/18 11:16 AM

Real Estate Marketing: Using Virtual Design to Sell Homes

From virtual design and staging to 3D renderings and floor plans, modern technology is helping real estate agents sell homes. Discover how you can use the latest technology to make waves in your area.


     It takes a minimum of 8-10 showings of a home for it to sell. This can be a time-consuming activity. And even before the first showing, there is the work of staging, painting, and doing a deep cleaning of the house.

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Set You Apart

By Designblendz | 10/4/18 11:27 AM

5 Unbeatable Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Set You Apart from the Res

Set yourself apart from the competition with these unique real estate marketing ideas that will entice buyers and sellers.


   Last year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warned Zillow that it may take legal action against the online company for some of its advertising practices. And while the CFPB just decided not to pursue the case, the news still brought attention to the real estate industry, specifically the advertising and marketing side.

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The Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Business This Summer

By Designblendz | 9/12/18 1:04 PM

The Best Digital Marketing Ideas to Use This Summer

Look no further than some of the best digital marketing strategies being used today. Follow ideas from the top online brands and watch your business grow!


    The real estate market is heating up, and this Summer may be one of the hottest sales opportunity you've had yet. Do you have the best digital marketing strategy to get found?

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What is Architectural Visualization?

By Designblendz | 8/16/18 11:28 AM

In architecture, visualization is the act of representing a new construction in an easily digestible way, often before the building process has started.

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How to Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan Budget

By Designblendz | 8/15/18 10:05 AM

How to Create the Perfect Real Estate Marketing Plan Budget in 5 Easy

Do you need a foolproof way to create enough funds for a great marketing plan? We've got five easy steps for you to follow to create the perfect real estate marketing budget.


   Given that the average small business is slated to spend $75,000 this year on digital marketing, creating a budget could be a stressful experience. Some of the costs for digital marketing, which you might have thought was free, could be astronomical and a waste if they're not properly deployed.

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Successful Real Estate Marketing Tips & Ideas

By Designblendz | 8/7/18 9:00 AM


In this digital age, promoting your real estate business online is a must. So, what does successful real estate digital marketing look like? Let's find out!

      Are you ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level?

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