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Why do you need a lease outline drawing?

By Designblendz | 1/16/19 12:00 AM

When it comes to leasing new spaces for your business, there can be a lot of jargon that's difficult to understand. One phrase that often causes confusion is LOD or lease outline drawing.

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The 4 Best Home Design Trends of 2018

By Designblendz | 1/5/19 12:00 AM

You found your dream home at a dream price and swooped in before anyone else could buy it. You've lived there for years, making it your own.

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Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategies & Tips

By Designblendz | 1/4/19 2:43 PM

It's a good time to be in commercial real estate. In the third quarter of 2018, nearly three-quarters of commercial real estate agents closed a sale on a property, and the average transaction had a value of $1.8 million.

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Construction Marketing Tips to Help Your Company Stand Out

By Designblendz | 12/28/18 4:30 PM

Do you sell homes in a crowded real estate market? Are you looking for ways to make your homes and commercial spaces more appealing to buyers? The housing market in Los Angeles and New York is worth more than $5 trillion, and home prices are rising steadily across the country.

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Why Architectural Hand Built Models Still Matter

By Designblendz | 12/26/18 3:53 PM

Does Architectural Model Making Still Matter?

When you can use 3D visualization technology to build architectural models, does it make sense for companies to pay for architectural hand build models? Let's explore the traditional way of architectural model making and why it still matters in this age of 3D technologies.

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What are Preconstruction Services?

By Designblendz | 12/21/18 11:53 AM


What Are Preconstruction Services?

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Ultimate Guide to 3D Architectural Renderings

By Designblendz | 12/4/18 8:00 AM


Visualization of architectural designs is essential for builders, developers, architects and designers to assess the accuracy and quality of a design before they begin building. Architectural renderings allow problems to be recognized early and improvements to be made efficiently. 3D architectural renderings take this visualization to the next level by creating an immersive image or animation that provides a realistic experience of a design before it is built. These 3D renderings can be a valuable communication tool between colleagues as well as a great selling point for potential buyers. 3D architectural rendering affords a leg up on the competition by allowing designs to shine through vivid and immersive images.

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