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Why Architects Don't Need Real-Time Rendering

By Billy Wong | 1/12/21 9:15 AM

If you work in architecture, you might have come across something called "real-time rendering." You might have heard the young intern, who started this summer, preaching about the ingenuity of this technology from the future. Maybe you saw this demo reel by Epic all over social media. Fascinated by technological breakthroughs, anyone would have a difficult time restraining their imagination. One might have already thought, "The possibilities are endless!", "How can I use this technology right now?", "This will distinguish my work from my competitor's", and so forth. The FOMO is real, but you may not need it after all.

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Enscape 2.9: Overview of New Features and Updates

By Billy Wong | 11/6/20 10:32 AM

Enscape version 2.9 is here, and the Designblendz team is excited to share an overview of its new features. Here is what we learned about this update.

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The Making of Our 3D Pumpkin Animation

By Maddie Conway | 10/31/20 7:30 AM

How do artists celebrate the spooky season? With a little bit of fine sculpture work, of course! Here are all the steps that went into producing our latest pumpkin animation.

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3 Major Technology Advancements Changing Architecture | Designblendz

By Designblendz Team | 9/15/20 9:05 AM

Advanced technology such as BIM, VR, and 3D printing is changing the field of architecture, from producing immersive visualization to streamlining communication.

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Easy 3D Technology Hacks for Realtor Websites

By Designblendz Team | 9/26/18 2:08 PM


3D Technology Hacks You Can Use on Your Realtor Website

How 3D Technology Helps Your Visual Presentation

Knowing some quick and easy 3d technology hacks should be one of the key priorities for running your virtual tours on your business website.


       Every realtor wants their website to stand out from the crowd. Naturally, you'll want to create a good impression on potential clients and demonstrate your excellent customer service, engage with potential customers, and be super informative.

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What is difference between contemporary and modern design?

By Designblendz Team | 9/7/18 10:36 AM

Contemporary vs Modern Architecture: What's the Difference?

Contemporary and modern architecture are often used interchangeably when they couldn't be more different. Discover what differentiates contemporary from modern architecture and find what's the best option for you.


     Have you been in the real estate market lately? If so, you've probably spent a lot of time looking around at descriptions of various beautiful houses.

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Types of Solar Panels | What to Consider

By Designblendz Team | 8/21/18 11:10 AM

5 Types of Solar Panels to Consider

Using solar panels in your building design is a great way to incorporate sustainable architecture choices. Read on to learn about the five types of solar panels used in buildings today.


   If every residential building in the U.S. were to be equipped with solar panels, those panels could generate 75 percent of the energy used by the nation's homes.

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AEC Industry Trends in Technology

By Designblendz Team | 8/17/18 10:22 AM

6 Important AEC Industry Trends in Technology

Do you need to know the latest AEC industry trends in technolgy? We've got the latest information to help keep you in the know and why it matters to your construction business.


    In 2016, the top 15 AEC companies made a total revenue of $125 Billion. This was more than the $100 Billion govtech budget for that year.

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What Is Architectural Visualization?

By Designblendz Team | 8/16/18 11:28 AM

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What Is Architectural Visualization? What Is 3D Architectural Visualization?
History of Architectural Visualization Future of 3D Architectural Visualization
Why Are 3D Renderings Important in Architectural Design? Let Designblendz Create Your 3D Renderings

Architectural visualization is an easy, rapid and cost-effective way for designers to communicate their ideas. In this guide, we'll explain what architectural visualization involves as well as its benefits, history and future.

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What is Net Zero Building and Why It's the Wave of the Future

By Designblendz Team | 7/24/18 11:17 AM

What is Net Zero Building and Why It's the Wave of the Future

Carbon emissions are a big contributor of global warming, so it's important to consider the possibility of building architecture with as little a carbon footprint as possible. Continue reading to learn more about net zero building and its role in protecting our environment.


   In May of 2018, California became the first state to mandate that all new homes are built with solar panels.

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