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What is Construction Administration?

During the course of every construction project, questions will arise due to a myriad of issues. Our licensed architects can help guide your construction project to ensure the design intent and vision culminate to a finished building to be proud of. This check and balance helps safeguard your construction project from delays and mistakes. From answering RFI’s to reviewing product submittals and verifying the Architect’s Certificate of Payment to the Contractor, we play agent to help protect you so when the last punchlist items gets completed, you have a successful building.


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Why do I need Site Observation?

As part of the CA services provided, we include site observation visits. The purpose of this process allows for a third party to visually inspect and observe the construction process. At the completion of the site visit, we generate a report of possible issues with images included from the construction site to ensure the construction process follows all contract document requirements.

RFI’s, Submittals, and Certificate of Payment

Requests for Information (RFI’s) are the legal avenue for the contractor to ask questions regarding the contract documents provided. Occasionally, information has been omitted or is simply difficult to understand. Answering RFI’s in a timely fashion helps the contractor sty on time and on budget - which is good for you.

Submittals are a way to verify you get what you pay for. The contractor issues a document of what they intend to purchase to then install on the project. Having a licensed second set of eyes review this information ensures the design maintains the aesthetic envisioned gets built.

Certificate of Payment safeguards you pay only for work complete or underway. Occasionally work complete gets embellished and the best way to ensure that the work being paid for is accounted within a Certificate of Payment.


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