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What is Schematic Design?

One of the most important factors during your architectural design project is the schematic design stage.  During this phase there is back and forth communication between our team and your key stakeholders. The best results come from a very open-ended exploration of creative ideas from both sides. With our team of experts and your creative vision, we can start a schematic design that outlines the project timeline, vision and scope.

How does Designblendz approach schematic design?

At Designblendz we are committed to transforming your creative concept from a dream into a reality. Our team is comprised of expert architects and design specialists who will work with you on getting your design just right. We will produce concept and study drawings, research any zoning or jurisdictional restrictions that might need to be addressed, assess square footage of each usage type, and estimate costs for the overall project.

It can be difficult to envision a space before it has been built, but with current technology we can create 3D to-scale models with advanced software such as Revit and ArchiCAD. With these tools, our design team can work through the creative process by showing you exactly what a space will look like before it’s even constructed. 3D Renderings and 3D Animations can be used to digitally stage and visualize spaces with speed and accuracy so you can feel 100% confident with your design.


How we add value to your schematic design utilizing visualization technologies

With 3D Rendering and Virtual Reality technology we can update design plans and images in real-time, while in conversation with a client. At Designblendz we believe it is crucial that we communicate effectively with our clients and these technologies make that easier than ever before. Designblendz can create immersive visualizations of your concept and use these to test general design variables such as window or door placement, materials, and room size. Adjustments can be made with great speed and supreme accuracy, in a way that minimizes time spent zeroing-in on the perfect design.

During this phase of the process we deliver a schematic design that covers the general extent of the project including initial site plans, floor plans, and other illustrative materials including renderings, or models. Typically overall dimensions are estimated, and a construction cost is estimated. From here we can move on to Design Development to refine your project and bring it closer to becoming a reality!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us as we are looking forward to providing you with any knowledge needed to facilitate your real estate project.

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