The Power of Technology in Architecture Today


Technology is doing more than advancing the ways we can simply design! Click here to learn more about the power of technology in architecture today!

Technology advanced architecture for centuries.

Beginning with Vitruvius, we've seen technology, both in theory and practice enhance the way we design buildings.

Our art and craft will never stop evolving. And if we, as designers don't stop evolving, we will always continue to have work to do. 

Which is why we need to pay attention today and root out the technologies of tomorrow. 

Because the landscape of technology in architecture is rapidly shifting. And to keep from getting buried in the sand, we're already cataloging some advancements.

The Internet Of Things Is Technology In Architecture

If you don't know what the Internet of Things or IoT is, then you need to find out.

It's changing how buildings and technology merge.

If your home, you might already have some technology connected to the IoT. 

Smart appliances are already in vogue. Nest made a variety of things that connect to each other and the internet. This includes thermostats, light bulbs, security cameras.

But basic household technologies aren't the only things on the IoT.

IoT will drive trends across the whole design and construction ecosystem.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) creates an "intelligent, 3D model of a building."

With this technology, an architect or an engineer can model the structure and system of a building. 

Technology in architecture is leaning more and more toward helping in the conceptualization stages. 

BIM streamlines all building plans. This allows all plans to update simultaneously. Nobody in the process will be left out. 

How does the IoT fit into this? 

Buildings can now have sensors to measure things like energy usage, temperature trends, foot traffic, etc. These sensors will collect data. And we can study this data alongside BIM plans to improve future buildings.

Making The World A Greener Place Through IoT

40% of CO2 emissions come from buildings. This percentage outstrips both the transportation and industrial sectors of society.

So, finding ways to make our buildings greener is a must.

And technology in architecture and construction could help us do this.

Designing a building with IoT in mind could help us reduce waste. 

Not having to rely on humans to turn off machines and HVAC systems will have a major impact on energy consumption. 

The ability to design architecture that moves and changes according to human habits and weather patterns is here.

And with the internet of things we can monitor our buildings that much more closely than before.

The Internet Of Things Will Make PreFab Fabulous

With RFID technology gaining more and more popularity, we're going to see prefabrication become popular again.

It will be much easier for companies to track parts through the supply chain. And this ease of tracking will streamline the coordination process.

Knowing this, as a designer, you can prepare for a prefab revolution beyond consumer housing.

Whether, as an architect, you believe this will be beneficial to design. It will reduce construction waste.


While technology in architecture will have a major impact. Many of the foundations of this great profession will not change.

In what ways has technology in architecture impacted your day to day duties? Let us know in the comments below.

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