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What Is Architectural Visualization?

By Designblendz | 8/16/18 11:28 AM

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What Is Architectural Visualization? What Is 3D Architectural Visualization?
History of Architectural Visualization Future of 3D Architectural Visualization
Why Are 3D Renderings Important in Architectural Design? Let Designblendz Create Your 3D Renderings

Architectural visualization is an easy, rapid and cost-effective way for designers to communicate their ideas. In this guide, we'll explain what architectural visualization involves as well as its benefits, history and future.

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How to Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan Budget

By Designblendz | 8/15/18 10:05 AM

How to Create the Perfect Real Estate Marketing Plan Budget in 5 Easy

Do you need a foolproof way to create enough funds for a great marketing plan? We've got five easy steps for you to follow to create the perfect real estate marketing budget.


   Given that the average small business is slated to spend $75,000 this year on digital marketing, creating a budget could be a stressful experience. Some of the costs for digital marketing, which you might have thought was free, could be astronomical and a waste if they're not properly deployed.

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Successful Real Estate Marketing Tips & Ideas

By Designblendz | 8/7/18 9:00 AM


In this digital age, promoting your real estate business online is a must. So, what does successful real estate digital marketing look like? Let's find out!

      Are you ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level?

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Home Inspiration | Top 10 Best House Designs - DesignBlendz

By Designblendz | 7/3/18 9:20 AM

With some planning and creativity, you can turn your home into a work of art. Let yourself be inspired by the best house designs ever created!

We know how it is. You want your house to look like it's straight from a magazine--who wouldn't?

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Unfinished Design Details That Home Buyers ALWAYS Notice

By Designblendz | 6/20/18 9:30 AM
Just because a home is perfectly staged, doesn't mean buyers don't notice unfinished design details.  Learn how to avoid these disasters with our helpful guide.

Selling a home isn't exactly a cake walk. There are a ton of things to keep in mind during the entire process.

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10 Internet Marketing Tips for Real Estate Marketing

By Designblendz | 4/16/18 9:00 AM

Real estate is a booming business, and one further enhanced by the surge in online marketing. Follow these real estate marketing tips for online success

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8 Components That Create Awesome Virtual Home Tours

By Designblendz | 2/5/18 10:05 AM
virtual-home-tours.jpegQuality real estate virtual tours deliver excellent leads. Here are the components that make virtual home tours attract the attention of quality buyers.

 Are you confused about virtual home tours?

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Why You should Use Home Staging in Property Marketing

By Designblendz | 1/31/18 9:15 AM
When it comes to marketing your property, home staging and virtual staging both help to add that essential makeup.
 When it comes to marketing a property, home staging is one pivotal resource that should be considered and Virtual Staging is the other.  Home staging is an on-the-surface solution that makes a property more attractive to potential buyers.  Virtual Staging does the same thing and is created with real images of your empty home.

Staging can make a home look its best during a sales period without the pricey cost of a renovation. For a certain fee per month, the home on the market can be filled with great looking furniture, accessories, and art.  An even cheaper option is Virtual Staging, where you have the flexibility to customize the furniture palette and have the images of your home virtually brought to life. 

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