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How to Get a Sidewalk Cafe License In Philadelphia

By Designblendz Team | 9/23/18 11:30 AM

Sidewalk Cafes in Philadelphia

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Social Media Tips and Ideas for Construction Companies

By Designblendz Team | 9/3/18 12:59 PM

Successful Social Media Campaigns to Use in 2018

Running Successful Social Media Campaigns doesn't seem like a high priority, but it can be a great way to increase your online awareness for new customers.


      Successful social media campaigns are a great way to expand your audience through engaging content and word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients.

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4 Important Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer for Your Business

By Designblendz Team | 8/31/18 11:36 AM

4 Necessary Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer for Your Business

First impressions matter and that's why considering hiring a landscape designer for your business is an important investment. Continue reading to learn four reasons why you need a landscaping architect now.


      Landscaping is one of the best ways to increase the value and beauty of your home. It's such a popular option that the industry makes a whopping $77 billion a year.

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How Designblendz Built A Philadelphia Sushi Restaurant

By Designblendz Team | 8/28/18 5:09 PM

Working in construction, we see dozens of different projects every week. There are some projects, however, that feel truly special.

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Successful Real Estate Marketing Tips & Ideas

By Designblendz Team | 8/7/18 9:00 AM


In this digital age, promoting your real estate business online is a must. So, what does successful real estate digital marketing look like? Let's find out!

      Are you ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level?

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Restaurant Renovation - Space Planning | DesignBlendz

By Designblendz Team | 6/4/18 9:00 AM
A restaurant renovation can be a stressful process - but it doesn't have to be. Read on to learn about five important things to know before you start!

 Renovations are an exciting chapter of every restaurant's story. With the proper changes, you might be poised to open your business up to a whole new demographic and market share.

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Inbound Marketing Strategies for Commercial Real Estate

By Designblendz Team | 1/19/18 9:00 AM

Developing a marketing plan for your properties is critical in attracting right clients. Here are six elements your commercial real estate marketing must have.

 Venturing into commercial real estate marketing? If you don't have a marketing background, you're in for a surprise. Time to take a look at the systems and assets you'll need to succeed.

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How Does Designing for Commercial Architecture Differ from Residential?

By Designblendz Team | 10/16/17 9:00 AM

There are some critical differences between commercial and residential architectural design. Here's everything you need to know.

When most of us think of architecture design, we often think of huge skyscrapers. But this commercial architecture is only one part of architecture design.

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