Interior spaces sometimes require updates—especially when it is being repurposed. Floors and wall placements may not create the right atmosphere or flow for the space, while outdated wiring and cabling may make it less efficient for work and personal use. Fit-outs provide the solution, aligning interiors with your objectives and vision.

What Are Interior Fit-Outs?

"Fit-out" is a unique category in construction. Rather than a new construction or a renovation, a fit-out is a process of repurposing interiors for new users. Also known as adaptive reuse, commercial tenant fit-outs or residential rehab design, fit-outs preserve the shell of a building while redesigning and repurposing the interior for new uses. This process can involve a variety of changes, including:

  • Installing new floors and ceilings
  • Installing partitions, doors, and other built-in features
  • Installing cabling, wiring, plumbing, and other infrastructure needs

Fit-outs are often confused with renovations, and you may see the terms used interchangeably. The key difference between these two processes is the focus. Fit-outs involve installing new structural features like floors, walls, windows, and doors. Renovations, on the other hand, focus on the interior design of the space: painting, decorating, and adding furniture to the existing interior to alter the aesthetic appearance.

Redefine an Existing Space

Fit-outs can be applied to practically any type of building, from empty commercial spaces to historical landmarks. Many commercial fit-outs start with a vanilla box — a building with nothing in it. This starting point allows companies using the space to build from scratch on a blank canvas. It's a different story with buildings that were originally built for other uses.

From culturally and historically significant landmarks to artistic new facades, existing buildings can embody a range of energies and meanings in communities. Especially with older construction methods fading away, it's essential to preserve the history and character of older buildings. Fit-outs and adaptive reuse help maintain that preservation.

Fit-outs of existing buildings preserve the exterior while delivering tailored interior solutions. Rather than tear down a building to start over, fit-out designers focus on how to use the existing construction in a new way. You can then redefine an existing space for your unique purposes while saving the original structure's integrity. It also presents a cost-effective solution, saving on the construction costs required to tear down and rebuild from scratch.


Top 4 Benefits of Fit-Outs

Fit-outs align interior spaces with the visions and goals of its new users. When performed right, this alteration can deliver a range of benefits, including:

  • Functional layouts: Renovating interiors may improve the aesthetics of a space, but fit-outs improve the functionality. Fit-out designers take existing spaces, strip them to their bones then rearrange features and structures to align perfectly with the users' needs. Whether it's a workspace, commercial building or residence, fit-outs allow users to create functional and efficient layouts.
  • Improved safety: Existing interiors may be a blank slate or come with undesirable features. Older buildings may even have slippery or uneven floors, outdated electrical wiring, low-hanging lights, and other concerns. Leaving these features in place can present hazards that negatively impact the safety and functionality of a space. Fit-out designers will assess these features and redesign the interior layout to remove or mitigate them. Fit-outs can also enhance the safety of a space with additional lighting and slip-resistant floors.
  • Tailored infrastructures: Older buildings may have outdated internet and electrical wiring, making it difficult to use in today's world, especially for workplaces. Fit-outs take existing buildings and enhance their existing infrastructures to meet the needs of new users. These updates can include everything from high-speed internet connections to improved plumbing, creating a functional, modern space.
  • Regulation compliance: Buildings that are being outfitted for businesses have to comply with laws and regulations relating to working conditions. This compliance includes everything from labor laws and energy efficiency guidelines to industry-based regulations. Fit-out designers can consider all of those factors when designing a space, developing a workspace that meets users' functional and regulatory needs.

These benefits provide results whether you're looking to fit-out an office, store, or even a residential building. Fit-outs can deliver the atmosphere and functionality you need to achieve greater productivity in workspaces and more modern, welcoming home interiors.

Benefits of Working With Designblendz

The benefits of fit-outs are numerous, but can only be achieved with the help of a quality fit-out company. One of our specialties is interior fit-out design and construction. We offer unique benefits to our clients, including:

  • Interdisciplinary team:  We are a passionate, collaborative, and interdisciplinary team dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Our team includes architects, interior designers, visualization artists, construction managers and other building and design professionals. This team allows us to handle your project from conception through construction.
  • 3D visualization: Our process utilizes technology to achieve detailed visualization and design.  This technology allows us to create 3D interior renderings of fit-out designs, allowing you to see your vision as it develops.
  • Faster turnarounds: With our modeling technology, our team can foster a greater understanding of a space's design before construction. This benefit allows you to provide feedback and make updates quickly, while also allowing for faster construction times.

At Designblendz, our goal is to create the best solution for an interior fit-out, blending the potential of a space with your unique needs. With our visual tools and dedicated team, we can help you create your ideal space.


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