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What is a 3D Architectural Rendering? | The Process of Creating a 3D Rendering | 3D Architectural Visualization | Typical 3D Rendering Service Workflow | Process for Creating a 3D Rendering |

Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Renderings by our clients

What is a 3D Architectural Rendering?

3D Architectural Renderings are being used to digitally stage and visualize spaces before they are constructed. They are digitally created environments utilizing the highest-quality computer technology for the building industry.  Real estate marketing has changed due to the 3D Renderings. Pre-construction marketing has become a valuable asset to Developers and Realtors looking for an edge in their sales tool palette. 3D Renderings give their clients a vision into the project and experience before construction occurs. 


17096200-Overlook_Interior_P3_Kitchen Option 3

The Process of Creating a 3D Rendering

Designblendz has developed a unique 4-step process to expedite 3D renderings to our clients. We are able to produce different styles of renderings to create your intended look. Quality is key as we look to create this engaging and immersive moment in time. 3D Renderings give the home buyer the ability to visualize themselves in the space. This is the value pre-construction marketing is bringing to the industry. The way prospective homeowners are shopping is very different than generations before. Instead of attending open houses on a weekend, they are scrolling MLS listings on their lunch breaks.

See more of our 3D architectural rendering examples in our Portfolio!

3D Architectural Visualization

Our expert 3D visualization service will make your property much more attractive to your clients. When combined with our 3D rendering service, our 3D architectural visualization process brings the design concept to life. Buyers gain an enhanced perspective of being inside the home and what it will be like to live there.

Typical 3D Rendering Service Workflow

This video provides the typical rendering work flow we utilize at Designblendz when creating a photo realistic image for one of our real estate clients.  It takes many hours to create a 3D Rendering, but we have optimized a process to create them with pure accuracy that most 3D rendering companies cannot match.  This is achieved by utilizing 3D Architectural BIM technology and proprietary processes.


Process for Creating a 3D Rendering 3d rendering process2.jpg

  • Phase 1: Environment Building and Camera Selections - This stage involves rendering clay preview scenes of the Built Environment for client approval. A Phase One scene should include multiple camera options and preliminary lighting. This stage is complete when client approves camera angles and verifies accuracy of Built Environment.
  • Phase 2: Asset & Material Coordination - This stage involves rendering materialized scenes for client approval. A Phase Two scene should include all specified Models and Materials and refined lighting. This stage is complete when client verifies the accuracy and application of all specified Models and Materials. 
  • Phase 3: Final Staging and Production - This stage involves rendering staged scenes for client approval. A Phase Three scene should include any subjective staging elements including any furniture, decoration and entourage. This stage is complete when client approves the final composition of all rendered elements. 
  • Phase 4: Post-Processing - This stage involves final post production of renderings for client approval. Post-processing typically includes adding skies, backgrounds, and additional 2D entourage elements as well as adjustments to color, contrast, etc. 


Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Renderings by our clients.

1. I submitted a contact form to your team for 3D Renderings, how do we get started?
Someone from our team will be in contact within 24 hours and request drawing files if you have not provided them in the attachment form.  After we recieve the files, we will send over a proposal to get started on your project!

2. Can I pay after the 3D images are complete?
Unfortunately it is our company policy to request (1/2) payment up front for rendering services to begin, and the additional (1/2) upon completion.  This is to ensure that our clients provide us with information in a timely manner, and that our team turns around the 3D visuals quickly for our clients. 

3. How many revisions do I get to make on the virtual image?
During phase two of creating the 3D model, we allow 2 hours of client feedback.  Once client approves the massing we move to phase 3 for material application.  After phase 3 we allow an additional 2 hours worth of corrections to the materials only.  If additional modeling is required, we will submit an additional 3D rendering service contract for extra hours in correcting the 3D massing.

4. Can you do 3D Renderings from my architect's blue prints?
Yes!  It is what we do best!  Our hope is that your architect works in 3D as it will save you money and time.  But if not, no worries, we can accurately take the 2D drawings and convert them into 3D virtual models of your project. 

5. How long does a 3D Rendering take to complete?

In our office, an average 3D rendering will take 20 production hours to complete.  Depending on quality this number can flucuate between 10-40 hours depending on the quality and price.

6. How much does a 3D Rendering cost?
We have 3 basic costs for renderings.  All 3D renderings in our office start at $499.  We have price levels for $1000, and $1500+ as well.  On average most of our clients pay somewhere beteween $1000-$1500 per image. Reach out to us today to get your custom quote!

Contact Us to Learn More About Our 3D Rendering and Architectural Visualization Services

Philadelphia-based Designblendz provides high-quality 3D architectural visualization and rendering services in eastern Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.  

Do you have additional questions?  Connect with us to learn more! 

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