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The Differences Between 3D Rendering and Photography

By Designblendz | 3/16/20 5:14 PM

Choosing the right visuals can have a make or break impact on your architectural project. To get your project off the ground, you need other people to catch your vision. The more clearly and interactively you can showcase your ideas, the more effective it can be. Photography and 3D renderings are two popular ways to do this — but which one is best? Let's explore.

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Popular Methods to Use For Residential Home Construction

By Designblendz | 3/16/20 11:55 AM

Five Popular Residential Building Construction Methods

Are you looking for a fresh way to approach home construction? Designblendz has you covered. There's certainly more than one way to design and build a home, and reviewing the options can inspire your creativity. These five tried and tested residential building construction methods should get your wheels turning as you consider which style will suit your vision the best.

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Best 2020 Commercial Real Estate Marketing Methods

By Designblendz | 3/16/20 7:30 AM
Marketing is always evolving and each year shows new trends. Learn about the hottest commercial real estate marketing ideas for 2020.

Technology has created a variety of advances in the real estate industry. This means that there’s a lucrative market for real estate agents. To come out ahead, however, you need the right marketing plan.

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Importance of Real Estate Feasibility in Purchasing

By Designblendz | 3/12/20 7:30 AM
Looking to purchase an empty lot or old home you think has promise? Learn how a real estate feasibility study can help you make the best decision.

According to statistics by the United States Census Bureau, 701,000 new houses went on sale by October 2019 alone. That’s not counting other real estate transactions that happened over the same period.

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The Trends of Future Real Estate Technology

By Designblendz | 3/10/20 7:30 AM
Are you wondering what the future of real estate technology looks like? Find out the new technology trends that will dominate the next year or two.

Technology has a lot of exciting new developments for many industries. The future of real estate is particularly bright.

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Interior Design Styling Ideas For Your Custom Home

By Designblendz | 3/6/20 7:30 AM
Are you looking for interior styling ideas for your custom-build home? Check out these new construction designs for some amazing ideas.

Are you looking for interior styling ideas for your custom-build home?  Check out these new construction designs for some amazing ideas.

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Why It Is Important To Use Building Information Modeling

By Designblendz | 3/4/20 7:30 AM
Does your construction company make use of building information modeling, also known as BIM? If not, you should be. Learn 7 key reasons why today.

Do you want to make your construction projects more efficient? Are you looking for ways to utilize the latest technology to help you build better projects? Do you want to add more value to your clients?

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Tips for Staging Your New Construction To Help You Sell

By Designblendz | 3/2/20 7:30 AM
Are you looking to transform the way you sell real estate? Learn about seven staging tips for new constructions that can help you do just that.

Did you know that nearly 85% of real estate agents who work with home buyers say that home staging helped their clients to better visualize their future home and close the deal? This shows how important home staging is, whether we talk about old or new properties.

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What Is a Rendering? Find out the Process Behind 3D Architectural Renderings

By Designblendz | 2/27/20 7:30 AM
What is a rendering? Learn the process behind 3D architectural renderings and why you should be using them if you aren't already.

As a fast-growing and remarkably useful tool, 3D rendering is proving to be a popular tool for architects, designers, and more. It helps designers and their clients see how a finished product will look. It’s not limited to only graphic designers and game developers.

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7 Construction Trends That Will Dominate 2020

By Designblendz | 2/25/20 7:30 AM
The construction industry is constantly evolving. What does this year have in store? Check out these 7 construction trends that will dominate 2020.

The construction industry has over the past years been resistant to changes in technology.

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