MakerBot Z18 Printer Tips, Tricks and Hacks

By Designblendz | Aug 9, 2016 4:29:10 PM

After owning a MakerBot Z18 3D Printer in Philadelphia for over one year, the machine is absolutely fantastic. As a designer, I have had to tear apart, fiddle, fuddle, and tinker with the machine to get to this point. But it’s been fun. The best part? 3D printing combines hardware, software, and a built element.

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How to Save Money In Architecture School

By Designblendz | Aug 9, 2016 4:08:51 PM

Being an architecture student can drain your bank account that you worked hard building up this summer. If you are not smart about the way you manage your materials, you will quickly see that it's easy to blow through money. Here at Designblendz, we've compiled some  tips to help you save money and preserve your funds!

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