3D animation can be just as reliable for advertising as it has been for entertainment. Here are some ways to use this technology to market your next project.
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A good marketing plan pushes a product on the right clientele. A great marketing plan constantly builds on different ways to send the same message.

Using a unique marketing strategy will lead to higher sales conversions for your business. 

So, how then, are you supposed to find ways of marketing your products and projects that your competitors aren't? Using 3D technology can be an incredible way to do just that.

However, it isn't enough to simply have 3D animation, you need to go about it the right way.

Here's how to capitalize on marketing with 3D animations and separate your company from the pack.

1. Email Campaigns

One of the best outlets for marketing campaigns will always be email marketing.

However, a lot goes into it. You have to compile quality content, consistent messaging, and eye-popping images to engage the readers. What better way to do than by creating 3D animation in your emails that you're sending?

One of the biggest hurdles with emails is to use as few words as possible. The more words that you use, the longer your email is and the less likely people are to read it.

Using animation in your email throws that dilemma out the window. Save your words and let the animation videos do the talking!

2. Educational Videos

Educational videos, while useful, can be some of the most difficult videos to keep viewers' intrigued. 

Their attention span is already at an all-time low, so pair that with the monotonous content and the odds for keeping them interested is razor-thin. One thing that will keep their attention is animation.

not to mention that the viewers will be far more likely to retain the information with visuals to help them understand

For example, if you're doing a video about the four areas of the heart, providing an animation of the heart will help viewers understand and memorize the areas.

3. TV Advertisements

Sure, advertisements use animation as is. In fact, they've been doing it for several decades now.

However, your TV advertisements can reach new heights with 3D animation behind them. The virtual aspect will help viewers understand what your product is and why they need it in their lives.

Simply showing a flat picture of your product won't be enough. But a 3D video can show them how the product works, what differentiates it from others, and how they can use it.

It's an amazing benefit and once you integrate it into your TV advertisement plans, you'll never go back!

4. Presentations

Powerpoint is an amazing tool for any business meeting. In fact, you could make the argument that no presentation is complete without a powerful PowerPoint slideshow behind it.

But how can you bring those slides to the next level? What's going to separate your presentation from the thousands of others your clients have seen in their careers?

Using 3D animation can add life to your presentations and help add more depth to it than it previously had.

Consider this: after you've continuously talked for 5 minutes nonstop, you're going to start to lose people's attention. But when you break up your speech with a 3D animation video, you'll keep all clients engaged in what you have to say.

Using a 3D video can be the difference between those clients choosing to do business with you and not doing business at all.

5. B2B Marketing

Not every business meeting requires a 10 to 20-minute presentation in front of a conference room filled with clients.

Sometimes having a trick or two up your sleeve can make a world of difference with your 1 on 1 meeting as well. 

Some B2B prospects that you meet with will prefer to have a face to face conversation about your product. Where you can answer all of the questions that they have for your product, service, or project.

Once you've answered all of the questions that they have, it's time to make your pitch. If you have a 3D animation to pull up on your phone, tablet, etc. then you have an easy way of transitioning into your final pitch.

The 3D animation might be the last bit of convincing they needed before reaching a decision that day or "promising" to call you back in a few days. You'll be glad you had it.

6. Property Renderings

Looking to draw in interest from the property you're building or remodeling? It's going to take a fair bit of marketing to find qualified prospects.

3D animation can help your prospects see the future property layout that you're envisioning. 

It can show them your ideas down to the very last details such as interior design ideas and dimensions. Simply put: renderings will put an image in your client's brain that they won't be able to shake.

Your renderings can generate the excitement you're looking for and send the offers flying in by the boatload for when your project is finished.

 Marketing with 3D Animations: The Key to Your Success

In order to reach results that you've never had before, you need to do something you've never done before.

That's why marketing with 3D animations can be the "X-factor" for your business's marketing ventures. It will create separation from all of your competition.

Be sure to read this article on the computer animation process. There you'll find more information on what that process looks like for what you want to create.

For more information, be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we'll be happy to assist you further.


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