Lobby-Rendering-interior-designThe hospitality and travel industry has realized the potential of virtual reality to attract guests, increase online revenue and generate more bookings. One way hotels are embracing this technology is with virtual tours. These interactive tours use virtual reality to give prospective guests an immersive, 360-degree walkthrough so they can explore the hotel before booking.

Top 3 Benefits of Creating Virtual Tours for Hotels

When you incorporate virtual tour and interactive media into your hotel marketing campaign, you can enjoy these benefits:

1. Increased Bookings

Virtual tours make your website appealing and highlight captivating aspects of your hotel, which helps increase traffic. With a high-quality virtual tour and straightforward booking process, more customers will be motivated to make direct bookings with your hotel. You can even add direct calls-to-action at strategic points in the tour that lead to the booking page.

Interactive media also helps visitors stay hooked on your website for longer periods of time. This ensures they’ll continue browsing your site to learn more about your hotel and make a direct booking.

2. Memorable First Impression

First impressions matter. If they’re positive, your guests will likely remember you for a long time. An engaging, interactive virtual tour helps grab your audience's attention and create a positive first impression. With eye-catching features and media in the tour, your hotel will be more memorable to potential guests.

3. Interactive Experiences

Virtual tours and interactive media give your guests control over their experience. Every visitor has unique needs, and can interact with the media by zooming in or panning up, down, left and right. Customers love having the freedom to choose what to view.

Best Practices for Creating Effective Virtual Tours for Hotels

Keep these tips in mind when creating a virtual tour for your hotel:

  • Choose locations carefully: Focus only on the highlights of your hotel, such as the lobby, a few rooms or suites, your restaurant and any other area that your guests may wish to see.
  • Ensure spaces are clean: Attention to detail is critical when creating virtual tours. Make sure every room is clean, organized and polished before creating the interactive images.
  • Use text: Include brief sections of text that describe features and services so guests know exactly what you offer. For example, highlight any special offers you have for new guests.

Get More Direct Bookings With High-Quality Virtual Tours

If you have challenges converting your website visitors into direct bookings, we can help. We create high-quality virtual tours for hotels to attract organic traffic and compel visitors to make direct bookings. Feel free to get in touch!

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