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Are you in commercial real estate and want to set yourself up for success? Here is your guide on creating a real estate business plan.

They say never to put the cart before the horse.

It's good advice to live by. Always try to do things in the right order, right?

But in real estate, homes and commercial spaces have to be sold, long before construction begins.

C'est la vie. After all, in this industry, you need to be prepared for anything and have a real estate business plan ready to go. That includes selling houses that don't even exist.

While this has the potential to be a difficult sale for even the most seasoned real estate agent, it doesn't have to be.

You just need to find a commercial real estate plan that works for you. There are tools out there, ready to help you pre-sell any property like it was already built and ready.

And, luckily for you, 3D rendering has emerged as the leading tool for real estate agents, looking to give clients of property that doesn't exist yet.

Let's take a look!

Showroom Software That Works For You

It's time to bring your real estate work into the 21st Century.

For example, showing off your building concepts through 3D modeling offers many benefits to a real estate business plan.


3D rendering simplifies the showroom process.

Traditional building models are a surprisingly long way to show off a building. Someone creates a miniature of the house, to scale. Then you have to meet buyers during office hours to physically show them the model.

3D rendering takes this out of the equation.

With a single 3D file, you can send your clients an accurate model of what the house or building will look like once it's finished. Tour the property before there's anything there to tour. 

There is another benefit to 3D models of buildings. They're easier for buyers to visualize than traditional blueprints. 

While builders have used flat blueprints to represent spaces for years, many people have trouble reading these plans. The intricate drawings, with all of their details and special symbols, can be more confusing than useful, to some.

Simplify the experience with a 3D rendering service that works for you. Show off doorways and stairwells, bay windows, hallways and electrical layouts. With 3D visualization, it's easier than ever before to create a clear real estate business plan than investors can get behind. 

Design matters

Home and business owners have another important decision to make when purchasing property: what to do about the design?

The layout of a room has a significant impact on an office space. This is especially true when the room hasn't been built yet.

With 3D renderings, buyers can experience the dimensions of a room, firsthand. They can gauge the space for desks, walkways, cupboards and tables before they've moved in. And homeowners won't get stuck with a brand new house and nowhere to put their television cabinet!

For pre-market homes, 3D rendering is a tool that works for you and for your client.

Save Money on You Real Estate Business Plan

Stop wasting time on window shoppers.

Taking buyers around properties, even empty ones can take a lot of time out of your business day. This is frustrating when clients turn out to be non-serious, just doing it on a whim or "playing the field" between you and another realtor.

3D real estate renderings take the guesswork out of the client's experience of their building before it's even constructed.

Simply send a 3D rendering package to any client who's expressed interest, and they can tour themselves. And, what's more, they'll get the finished product. The house, as it will be, and not just an empty lot with a few boundary markers.

Save money on 3D printing

With 3D renderings, buyers can interact with and explore buildings in virtual space.

This might sound like a small issue, but it's particularly useful when exhibiting tall buildings and complexes for a real estate business plan.

Buyers investing in multistory buildings want to know the room layout. Fire escapes. Anything that could add to or subtract from the building's value.

Make an Impression

3D is as cool as ever

There's no getting around the novelty of a 3D model. Clients might not be expecting a tour of a property that hasn't been built yet. Once you show them a fully detailed 3D model, you'll definitely have made your mark.

Clients don't even need to be on hand for you to make your point. Send detailed 3D models to buyers from out of state, or even out of the country. Wherever they are in the world, you'll be able to put them into the property as if they were already there.

They also look great! Gone are the days of flat brown walls and thick, gaudy textures. 3D rendered houses and buildings can be done to photorealistic standards, now.

It might sound vain, but the results speak for themselves. And it can do wonders for your professional real estate business plan.

It's easier than you'd expect

3D modeling used to be a complicated process, and even those who knew how to do it spent hours working on each individual project.

Not so, anymore. 

Applications and advanced digital cameras create 3D renderings of houses and buildings with ease. What's more, they can do this quicker than ever before!

  • Image-stitching software takes pictures from different angles around a house or building. From there, it puts these together into a usable 3D model, later. 

  • CAD and 3D modeling software create high-quality 3D renders of buildings. These applications then use picture-quality textures to produce a render experience that's close to real-life.

They're becoming the standard

3D rendered building models have been a part of the real estate industry for many years. And the trend is showing no signs of slowing. 

In real estate, one of your biggest concerns is deciding how to make yourself unique. While more companies are using 3D models, you don't want your software or techniques to be out of date.

Experience the benefits of 3D rendering

3D rendering in real estate isn't a fad. It's becoming an essential component of any real estate operation worth its salt.

It's the way of the future.

And, like any new technology, it's up to you to jump onboard before that train leaves the station.

After all, with so many great features available to you, what's not to love about this exciting new real estate utility? Visit DesignBlendz today, and discover how photorealistic 3D models can help you create a real estate business plan that wows investors.  

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