We explore our client's NEEDS, TERMS, and BUDGET through proprietary 3D SYSTEMS and PROCESSES.
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3D Renderings and Visualization
Real Estate Marketing
Construction Management
Real Estate Development | Designblendz
Project: Herron Park Homes - 3D Bathroom Rendering created as part of a large marketing strategy which pre-sold all homes.
Our Client's Feedback
Anne R Client Testimonial - Designblendz

"The Designblendz team has a unique approach unlike anything I have seen before.  They have a highly motivated team that constantly is there for you when needed.  I always get a call back the same day.  Looking forward to working with them on our next project." - Anne R. 

Tevin M Client Testimonial - Designblendz

"The 3D visualization project DB completed for us was truly incredible. Smooth process the entire way through to completion.  We ended up pre-selling over 50% of the homes before construction started.  The virtual images looked like they were out of a magazine.  Unbelievable technology!  Their team truly is one of a kind and we will work with them on every project moving forward." - Tevin M. 

Peter S Testimonial - Designblendz

"The fact that Designblendz can handle the entire process made it so hassle-free for us.  They helped us determine the feasibility of our project when it was just land, they did all the architectural drawings, and then helped us bid it out to reputable contractors in Philadelphia.  Thanks for everything guys!  Looking forward to the next one!" - Phillip S. 

Kathy L Testimonial - Designblendz

"We brought Designblendz in to help our architectural firm complete the documentation for a 100,000 sq ft. senior living facility.  They were able to take over from design development and complete the construction documents for our firm.  We also had them do a 3D rendering for our client.  We have sinced worked with DB on multiple projects and are truly happy to have their support. " - Kathy L.

Who We Have Worked With - Designblendz
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