If your construction site or project is big, you can't get a lay of the land and see everything at once. Check out how you can fix that with drone photography.

You may have a big real estate build on the horizon. Or, maybe you have a new home ready to go on the market. 

Whatever the case may be, the sky is the limit with drone photography. 

Drone photography gives you a look from above and allows you to see your entire site at once. 

Although home staging on the inside is important, it is crucial to properly stage your building site or new construction. Drone photography can allow you and your future homeowner's to see the bigger picture from start to finish. 

How Does Drone Photography Work?

A drone can be described simply as a small flying object, usually flown using a remote control by the user. 

Some drones can be purchased with cameras already built-in that are high-quality and ready to use. If the drone does not have a built-in, there are options available that include quality video cameras that are gentle on the wallet. 

The drone is then flown over the site, taking video and, at times, still photos. The photos can be taken to show the grounds, the home from the top and the surrounding areas. 

Drone photography is perfect for showing the entire area at one glance. This gives your homeowners a first look at their future - whether a new build or a new construction site. 

The Benefits

The benefits of drone photography for your real estate business are many. If you are interested in adding something extra to your marketing efforts, drone photography may be for you. 

  • Cost effective. Drone photography is cost-effective. In the past, real estate agents and construction companies have gained aerial views using helicopters or other small aircraft. A drone costs much less than one flight in one of these machines. 
  • See more and show more. Future homeowners are interested in more than just the site itself. What if you could show the surrounding neighborhood, that amazing park nearby or how close the school is to their new place? Instant satisfaction that is possible with a drone.
  • Great marketing tool. Do you use a website to sell your homes? A video showing the home from above may turn a "maybe" buyer into a quick phone call. The better news? A drone is virtually a one-time purchase. 

Each real estate agent or builder will find new ways to use the drone for their own needs. The opportunities are endless. 

Follow the Regulations 

It is important to mention that drone photography does have regulations that are strict, especially for drone use. 

It is easy to get certified to use your drone for commercial use by grabbing a petition to Section 333. The process takes a few months, however, it is important to remain legal when using your drone. 

You can find the full regulatory process online - and it may differ in your state. Be sure to check with your city and area in which you plan to use your drone. 

Overall, drone photography is an amazing technological advancement for real estate. From taking photos of a sunrise behind a farmhouse to showing how close a new building site is to the city, drone photography can open doors not otherwise available to you. 

Have you used drone photography before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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