real-estate-video-tours.jpegAs a real estate agent, you need to make yourself valuable so that you're among the top-earning real estate agents in the field. Using real estate video tours lets you serve your audience and streamline the process of selling homes.

Real Estate Video Tours Give You A Competitive Edge

To really get the most out of your agency, incorporating real estate video tours is a must.

Think about it -- plenty of real estate professionals serve your market, so it's only right that you develop strategies that others aren't using.

A client will be more likely to patronize your business when you go the extra mile and provide bells and whistles that other agencies are neglecting. Creating this multimedia content makes your pages more eye-catching and interesting than the competition as well.

In the same way that Google Business views sets companies apart from others in their field, a video tour establishes you as a cut above the rest.

In a congested real estate market, you need every age that you can get and video helps you capitalize on a huge base of users.

YouTube has more than 1 billion users, so posting your content here opens you up to a world that you otherwise would not have been exposed to.

Video Is Very Shareable

Carving out your space on the web is everything when it comes to business.

Since people are watching more video than ever on their computers and mobile devices, you always need to be tapped into this market. People share video like wildfire across the web, so real estate video tours can help get the word out.

Running a real estate agency lets you bring people in with relevant content so that they've already bought into your brand and expertise when it's time to purchase a house.

For example, posting a video about how to buy the right roof can intrigue someone today, and lead them to watch your virtual tours once they're ready to house hunt.

You can easily embed video links and share them amongst different platforms so that you're building an audience that you can sell homes to later.

People Can Picture Themselves Living In The Property

Above all, real estate video tours create a personal relationship with the buyer.

A person watching the video will view it vicariously, imagining how it would be to walk through those doors every day as a homeowner.

If you can make someone envision living at a property you're selling, you're well on your way toward making a sale.

This is traditionally accomplished through a home viewing. However, home viewings can only be shown to a finite amount of people, based on scheduling parameters.

With real estate video tours, you're essentially giving someone a viewing around the clock, as many times they would like to view it. It takes the pressure out of the situation and lets people take their time when getting a feel for a property.

The Video Answers Some Questions Ahead Of Time

Another great benefit of video tours is that it lets you get all of the information out on the front end.

The tour video can include four plans, prices, a list of utilities included, contact information and more.

By giving viewers all of this information out front, people can jump into more specific conversations leading toward the sale. It cuts out the amount of correspondence you have on the front end and weeds out buyers that are still dipping their toe into the water.

Make your real estate tour videos as informative as possible so that you're streamlining the process of selling homes to your community.

Your Listings Will Drive More Traffic

The more video tours you put out, the more traffic you'll get to your website and your brand as a whole.

People are more likely to watch a quick video than they are to comb through countless text-based listings. Once you condition people to view your video tours, they'll make you the go-to stop when they're ready to look at some houses for sale.

It's Easily Integrated With Social Media

Perhaps the best part of video tours is that they're easily incorporated into social media.

Since 3 billion people are projected to be on social media by the year 2020, creating social media friendly content is an investment. Today, social media is often the first place people check when seeking referrals from their network.

Creating content that people can easily post to social media keeps you in that conversation when these referral conversations happen.

To capitalize on social media buzz, be sure you're keeping your videos tight and high resolution. You want to stay within people's attention span while painting the home in the most favorable light.

Invest in some great video equipment, or better yet, hire a professional design company that can create rich video tour content for you.

Video Sells The Property Better Than Static Photos

When viewers have the choice of still photos vs. rich, HD video, video will win out every time.

A still photo doesn't necessarily represent a home you're trying to sell. Moving video helps people get a true assessment of room size, flow and design principles of the home.

Since you can only create a first impression once, top-notch video helps you to do every home listing justice.

Hire Professionals To Maximize Real Estate Video Tours

To really get the most from your video tours, you'll want to contact a shop that'll give you the best work. A real estate visualization firm like ours know just what to do to create video tours that inform, engage, and make people feel at home with your properties.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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