real-estate-tips-for-new-construction-homes.jpgReal estate marketing for new construction homes consists of several unique strategies. While a lot of people look for homes and apartments, there's a large amount of competition and a struggle to find the perfect buyer or tenant.

While new houses are nice, marketers cannot fall back on words like "historic" and "rustic" to describe the property. Yet, there are still ways to succeed at marketing your new home. If you follow these five tips, we guarantee you'll be closing on new construction houses in no time.

1. Invest in local SEO

You can't expect people to just "shop around" anymore. You need to take your search engine presence seriously. The first step is understanding how easy you are to find: use Google My Business to make yourself accessible to those searching for homes or real estate agents in your area.

2. Maintain an active social media presence

Your social media presence has a lot of potential today. Simply having a Facebook page doesn't cut it anymore.

Social media is an important place for real estate marketing. You can use it to help people to schedule tours, allow people to inquire about the homes and apartments you have available, and even find people who are interested in your
unique opinions about certain properties.

Being active is the most important tactic, and this includes allowing people to message your company and responding to comments.

3. Give Digital Tours

Digital tours are a great way to get people to buy a new house. If somebody can't make it to the area on your schedule, that can harm your ability to sell a house. We have the technology to avoid this, so why aren't we doing something about it?

Giving a digital tour successfully can be difficult. You'll need to take 360 photos or videos. You may also want to hire a professional photographer to display the home in its best light.

It also helps to be as descriptive as possible. Real estate marketing is all about finding the people interested in your home and doing what you can to put them there. That means you need to describe the dimensions of each room, along with some of the elements of the construction.

Giving people an idea of what they can do when they live in your home is a great way to stop them from being either disappointed when they visit or underwhelmed so that they never do.

It can also be helpful to post videos of the construction of the new home. This is a great way to sell a new house specifically: people worry about living somewhere that wasn't treated with passion and care.

4. Blog about the neighborhood

Your blog can be a great place for potential buyers to learn about the schools, yearly events, and other elements that make this little slice of heaven unique and charming. 

Your blog posts aren't just for posting on social media so you can get your followers interested in moving. They also help you rank on search engines, and the more valuable your content is, the higher it will keep ranking over time and help future buyers find you.

These posts need to be compelling for that to work. If people see them as click bait and leave the site, your SEO plan will be harmed by a high bounce rate. So make sure your posts are helpful and interesting if you want to bring in new prospects. It helps to think before posting something: "Would I want to read this?"

5. Partner with real estate marketing pros

The best real estate marketing tip out there is working with professionals. We help home builders with every step of the process, from architecture to marketing. We promise to work with professionalism and passion to get your house sold as quickly as possible.

Selling houses is tough. But we're even tougher. So if you want to step up your home marketing game, you need to contact us today.


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