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What makes our virtual staging unique?

  • Accuracy: While other companies use Photoshop, we use 3D modeling to match your image perfectly.
  • Photorealistic: Just like our pre-construction renderings, we know how to create a realistic image.
  • Experience: We have successfully virtually staged hundreds of spaces
How does our virtual staging work? 
We’ve made our virtual home staging process so easy. Take a photo of your existing space, send it to our team, select your furniture style, let our team work their magic, and receive your virtual staged photo(s). You’re free to make minor revisions to the photos if needed. We do all the “heavy lifting” for you — and it doesn’t require moving a single piece of furniture!

Completed Projects

Master bedroom virtual staging example
Family room virtual staging example
Before and after family room virtual staging sample
Family room example of virtual staging

Advantages of Virtually Staging Your Empty Real Estate Listings

Increase Buyer Interest

As 90% of home buyers are starting their search online, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention. Virtual staging enables you to make a strong first impression that will make buyers want to take a closer look.

Sell Properties Faster

Did you know that 75% of homes that are staged sell faster?  Virtual staging allows you to test the interest of your market. You will draw the attention of more prospective buyers who are ready to make a quick offer.

Higher Sale Price

83% of properties that utilize staging services will sell at asking price or above. Virtual staging enables buyers to see the true value of the property and increases their motivation to meet or exceed the asking price.

Fraction of the Cost 

The virtual staging of properties helps you avoid the exorbitant cost of acquiring and placing actual furniture inside the home. Why spend thousands when you can save thousands? Photos are available in 5-packs. Bulk discounting applies to large orders.

No More Cold Feeling

When images are left without furniture, it is much harder to sell a home or lease an apartment. Virtual staging enables you to bring warmth to these spaces. The virtual image will project a “lived-in” look and feel that will make the home so much more inviting.

Competitive Edge

Virtual staging is a relatively new phenomenon that only a few agents and brokers know how to use to their advantage. You will most likely be the first real estate professional to virtually stage a space in your niche market, which will give you an edge over your competitors.

We will take your real estate listings to new heights