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Getting your client excited about a construction or remodeling project is one of the best ways to improve their experience and ensure that work goes smoothly. When you can provide a detailed 3D visualization of a proposed design, you open the door to better communication and a shared understanding of the project's goals.

Designblendz offers a range of residential visualization services for realtors, contractors and other professionals. We can provide photorealistic 3D renderings of home interiors and exterior features, including swimming pools and landscaping work. We are available for projects of any size, whether it's a single-room renovation in an urban condo or a massive development project.

Benefits of 3D Visualization

A 3D rendering is a way of bringing your project to life before the work begins. This has several advantages, including:

  • Sales: 3D renderings are highly effective sales tools when pitching a project to potential customers. They can make it easier to secure a commitment from buyers who need help conceptualizing the result.
  • Problem-Solving: 3D renderings can help your design and technical teams identify potential issues that could delay a project or lead to cost overruns later on — details you might overlook in a 2D drawing.
  • Collaboration: 3D renderings are easy to share online with partners and other stakeholders, facilitating improved collaboration and more efficient use of your time.

Additionally, providing a client with a sophisticated 3D rendering makes you look more tech-savvy and professional. This will help set your organization apart from the competition and can increase your chances of winning lucrative bids.

The 3D Rendering Process

We can provide detailed 3D renderings of interior and exterior projects. The process is simple — send us your design in PDF or CAD format, and we'll create an accurate 3D rendering that's sure to impress your customers. From the preliminary model, you'll have the opportunity to add or remove features to ensure the finished product matches your design vision. All told, the process will take between 10 and 40 hours, depending on the scope of the project.

Working With Designblendz

Our 3D rendering services leverage advanced technology, as well as an in-depth understanding of the needs of realtors, designers and their respective clients. We take the time to get to know your requirements, then use them to make the rendering process faster and the results more impressive. We can deliver high-quality visualizations with a short turnaround time at a fair price, then leave you with a product that will provide added value to your project.

Designblendz is one of the leading 3D rendering service providers in the Philadelphia area, with a long history of working on residential projects for some of our area's top firms.

Related Services

Designblendz is a full-service partner for all your real estate marketing needs. Interior and exterior rendering are just two of the many services we can provide. From virtual staging and virtual tours to 3D printed architectural models and drone photography, we can help you create visualizations that bring your creativity to life. To learn more or to request a quote, please contact our office today.