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Why do you calculate Area?

Why do you calculate area? Depends on who you ask. Gross Square Footage vs. Gross Leasable Area vs. Gross Floor Area vs. Usable Area are all slightly different and have different, yet very similar applications. Ultimately, area gets calculated for Building and Zoning Code requirements and limits. Area also needs to be calculated to determine the feasibility of projects from a financial standpoint. Honing in your proforma to allow the building to become as efficient as possible allows everyone to win.  Lastly, from a brokerage standpoint, areas are needed, or need to be verified, in order to accurately highlight leased space.

Lease Exhibits and Existing Buildings

Familiar with BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) standards, Designblendz can field measure, draft plans, calculate areas, and create custom Lease Outline Drawings to include in your next Lease Exhibit and include with your owner and tenant contracts.

Communication and Comprehensive Advantage

As a multi-service organization serving the entire building industry, from architecture to marketing to construction, we understand buildings. From how they go together and work, to how to sell them and make them financially work, utilize our expertise to help accurately sell or lease your building.


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