What is a Survey?

Once you have found that perfect new house and agreed upon a price with the seller, the closing attorney may ask if you want a survey ordered on your new property. Keep in mind that it is not a mandatory service to have done. Assuming you are looking at all of the other fees and services you are getting and you may question whether or not you need a survey. Do not fall into this trap. The answer should always be "YES."

Excellent Case Study

Realtor.com had an excellent post on their blog recently about a case study. They explored various reasons why getting a survey done is important, but they dove into a perfect example as to why this is a crucial step in the process.

"The home back yard had fencing going around it completely. Due to the location of the house it bordered up to a few other homes. Those other homes had fenced in their yards. This particular homeowner kept the style of fencing up and added on to the areas the fence did not cover. Upon doing a survey of the property we found that three of the neighbors built the back of their fences on her property. In fact two of them intruded onto her property by over 10 feet. This caused a nightmare for the seller and the new homeowner. Because now we had issues with the property begin properly surveyed and neighbors encroaching on the property. The seller had purchased the house a few years earlier and did not order a survey to save on cost. Now, it is costing him a lot more money than that. The buyer will not close on the property without the fences being moved and the seller did not have a survey so he was not protected by any insurance and the neighbors are suing claiming they have rights to that property spots. The seller will be paying a lot more money to get the home sold now and in court costs than if he had just ordered a survey."