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What are Zoning Drawings?

Almost all building projects require Zoning Drawings. In order to obtain a use permit, a zoning analysis needs to happen in order to determine the appropriate use and size of a building per parcel of land. Once all of this information gets collected, analyzed, and implemented into a design, proper documentation needs to be submitted to the authority having jurisdiction over the property. Designblendz generates zoning drawings for any project, any size, and jurisdiction.


zoning image


Why is it important to start in 3D?

The initial steps in the zoning process pertains to the building mass, what can built on a specific site. From required setbacks, to lot coverage and Floor Area Ratio (FAR) limitations, the best way to maximize your building begins with a design based in 3D. With this in mind, our experts input the pertinent parameters of the various zoning codes and develop a 3D building mass that can then calculate any area/size information required. We then leverage this information to effectively produce a zoning proposal with the most effective and efficient design as possible.



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