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What is a Virtual Tour?

Sometimes a picture isn't enough. For those seeking an ultimate tour for their prospective buyers, building a Virtual Tour will attract those with a new approach. 360 panoramic video is growing everywhere in the real world, so we wanted to bring that same experience to the virtual world. We learned that by combining multiple 360 panoramic points, we can create a full experience for Realtors and Developers to present their project to the masses. This rendered virtual environment combines custom materials, staging selections from our artists, and realistic effects that bring the Virtual Tour to life.

It can be viewed on a computer, an ipad, or any other mobile device. It is hosted in the cloud and set to a website link for ultimate sharing ability. 



Process of creating a Virtual Tour

  • Initial Previews: Environment Building and Camera Selections - This stage involves rendering clay preview scenes of the Built Environment for client approval. An Initial scene should include the camera location and preliminary lighting. This stage is complete when client approves camera location and verifies accuracy of 3D Built Environment.
  • Select and Insert Asset & Material- This stage involves rendering materialized scenes for client approval. A materialized scene should include all specified Models and Materials and refined lighting. This stage is complete when client verifies the accuracy and application of all specified Models and Materials. 
  • Approval Rendering Production - This stage involves rendering staged scenes for client approval. A Phase Three scene should include any subjective staging elements including any furniture, decoration and entourage. This stage is complete when client approves the final composition of all rendered elements. 
  • Final Post-Processing - This stage involves final post production of renderings for client approval. Post-processing typically includes adding brand logos, titles, and coordinating the final details of the experience.

Different uses for Virtual Tours

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