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What are 3D Architectural Models?

Architectural models allow a physical representation of an architectural design. Architectural models can be a vital component in a design phase, planning approval phase, or even a fundraising phase. Having a custom 3D architectural model allows for everyone to quickly see and understand the scale and proportion of your proposed project. 3D Renderings people believe can be misleading, which makes architectural models ideal for large scale planning approvals because a scaled representation of your product will not mislead anyone.

3D Architectural Models

Craft is a term that is the utmost importance when Designblendz is contracted to complete an architectural model. Designblendz has experience and skill in working in any model medium including but not limited to basswood models, chipboard models, foam core models, foam models, and 3D printed models. Our process starts at taking the 2D scaled architectural drawings and producing a base or site at the correct model scale. Taking the drawings and breaking the building into buildable components in the medium of choice we are able to create an exact to scale replica of your architectural design.

Handmade 3D Architectural Models

While some may view building handcrafted models as an “old-fashioned” design process, we find that handmade models are valuable tools in certain types of real estate projects. Our handmade architectural 3D modeling services can produce an accurate physical representation that brings the design concept to life. They provide a unique sense of proportion, scale and perspective that may be unattainable with printed models.

We have the in-house expertise and capabilities to develop functional, imaginative 3D models that enable us to meet any design preference. We’ll work with you to create a custom handmade model to your specifications.

3D Printed Architectural Models

The 3D printing process offers a versatile alternative for creating architectural models. Using technologically advanced software, our team of in-house architects and 3D rendering experts can craft highly precise models in much less time than when making them by hand — instead of days, weeks or months, it is often possible to complete a printed architectural model in a few hours. In many cases, 3D printed models can provide a level of detail that is beyond the scope of their handmade counterparts. This method is also more responsive to client feedback, which enables faster modifications of the original design concept if required.

Creative Model Solutions

The Designblendz team has an architectural and marketing firm profile which allows us to both understand your design as well as come up with creative solutions for your architectural model. We like to design and build your model with the best representation for the use of the model. Tailoring your architectural model to best represent your idea to the planning commission or to best illustrate your building to help raise fundraising. Helping clients visualize architectural models from a new church construction to the New Jersey Watershed we work closely with our clients to deliver a product for any need.

Why Choose Designblendz for Your 3D Architectural Models?

At Philadelphia, PA-based Designblendz, we combine the expertise of our 3D rendering professionals, licensed architects, real estate marketing gurus and construction managers to deliver the best results for our clients. If you’re located in eastern PA, New York or New Jersey, contact us to learn more about our architectural 3D modeling services today.