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Townhome Development and Construction


Residential development and residential re-development is a process that seeks to improve upon an existing neighborhood. There are so many benefits to creating well designed, well-built residences for people to live in. Some of the benefits of development include safe living environments, happier communities, healthier economic growth, and better sustainable building practices. Development at a residential scale allows for a certain amount of care and responsiveness at a community level. Rehabbing houses that have blighted a block drives people to improve their own homes as well as more people to come into the area. Creating close knit communities that are able to live in harmony is a core value of development.

Design – Build – Manage

As a residential development company, we have a mission to create homes that feature safe, spacious, and sustainable spaces. Our development strategy is to re-development neighborhoods that are in strategic locations accessible to major arteries of a city or area. These areas primarily are houses and areas that were booming at the turn of the industrial age of America but have since not been cared for.

As a design firm, we are not a typical residential developer. We not only lead with a business strategy on each development project but also let our critical design eye to imagine and re-define how a development is shaped. With the ability to use the latest architectural software in house, we can make development and design decisions at a much quicker pace.

Residential Development Process Start to Finish

The process of a residential development project is one that is time consuming and involves many different trades and skill sets. At Designblendz, we have an ability to keep all of these processes of development under one roof, creating an efficient and cohesive process for development. Our team is able to provide skilled expertise in each part of the development timeline:

-Feasibility Studies
-Property Acquisition
-Residential design
-Permit Approvals
-Construction Management
-Development Marketing

With the ability to cohesively take control of each part of this process the Designblendz team is able to create, visualize, and develop the built environment in the most responsible efficient manner possible. The ability to work collaboratively with other developers makes no project too small or too large.