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Why choose Designblendz for new construction?

New Construction projects require understanding of land development and feasibility. Do you have a plot of land with a vision of a new design? If so, we can help design, visualize, and bring your vision to life. New Construction creates more possibilities because of little existing parameters that prohibit the design and constructability. Designblendz utilizes the latest technology to generate the most unique design for each project.




New Construction Design Process

Every space has different characteristics, restraints, and potentials. As a design firm, we strive to find the best possible solution for each and every design. Our process allows us to quickly and efficiently move components in 3D through a combination of visualization software. Utilizing BIM and 3D digital models in the concept process, we are able to transition from schematic design to design development to construction documents with great efficiency and accuracy. All aspects of the building are at a one to one scale that allows for a direct translation in the field.




New Construction Design Assistance

We look at each project in a different way – trying to find the true genius loci of the home and celebrating it. In a context like Philadelphia, there are numerous new construction projects that range from single family homes all the way to multi-family living. Understanding the reality of a project through the zoning, design, and construction process is what we pride ourselves on.  We love helping our clients design, visualize, and develop their project from a vision to a built work.