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What is Concept Design and Space Planning?

Concept design and space planning occurs at the beginning stages of an architectural design. The initial idea or ideas of what a space can look like, feel like, and operate as are what we look to discover in concept design. It is essential to create an image or model of how a space will transform into an architectural building. An image or “sketch” idea gives the whole project team a vision of what is to be achieved throughout the design process. Space planning is the exploration of a plan layout; focusing on how people, objects, and spaces will fit within a shell space.

Exploring Concept Possibilities

Our architectural design company believes in an exploratory design process. This means that we take the time and energy to explore every possibility for what a space can become. Focusing on the best ideas that are shown in an organized representational form. Designblendz has the ability to quickly and accurately 3D Model a concept idea. Utilizing BIM and 3D digital models in the concept process, we are able to transition a schematic design to design development phase, and produce construction documents with great efficiency and accuracy.

Communication and Collaboration

Providing concept design and space planning for homeowners, architects, and developers, in Philadelphia and New Jersey, Designblendz has helped numerous clients with their architectural projects. Our architectural design team has valuable experience in warehouse conversions, residential space planning, feasibility studies, small business space planning, and multi family unit layouts. By keeping an open dialogue with our clients from the conceptual design stages as it evolves, it creates a collaborative relationship to design the project.

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