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Zoning Variances
We handle all types of zoning work in-house. From commercial use variances to obtaining additional units on projects, we have covered it all with high success rates for our clients. 
LLC and Operating Agreements
Need help setting up your LLC and operating agreements for development projects? Our legal partners can assist with getting your documents in order prior to purchase.
Abatement and Appeals
Our legal partners can assist with making sure your tax abatement is filed on time. If you forgot to file it, our team can assist! Also, going through the appeal process can be daunting. We will do everything we can to help get your appeal approved.
Property Lines
Does a potential property you are purchasing have a lien on it? Do you need help removing or applying a property lien? Our legal partners can assist.
Tax Assessment
The office of property assessments in Philadelphia is responsible for assessing the real estate tax value of your property. Do you believe your property has been over-assessed? We can help. Reach out with any questions.
L&I Violations
Do you have existing violations on your property that are preventing you from selling or getting a permit for your property? Let us help you resolve it and move towards the next phase of your development goal.
Historic Commission
Do you need to go in front of the historic commission in Philadelphia to talk about your real estate project?  At Designblendz we have assisted clients in walking them through the historical commission in Philadelphia and helped them present their projects to the board.  When talking about a project that has a rich historical background, it is imperative to have the best and most accurate 3D visuals to accompany that presentation.  At Designblendz we strive to help our community, clients, and stakeholders understand projects as clearly as possible.
Art Commission
Do you need to go in front of the Art Commission in Philadelphia? This is typical when applying for a sign permit. We can assist you with this process.
Civic Design Review
Does your project involve 50 or more units or 50,000 sq ft of development in Philadelphia? You will have to go through Civic Design Review (CDR). Our blended team of architects and legal professionals have successfully helped developers with the presentation requirements to move through this phase of development.
Condo Drawings, Condo Docs, PUDs
Are you planning on developing condos or Planned Unit Developments in the Greater Philadelphia Region? A part of the architectural process is having your legal team draft your condo docs as well as have your architect re-survey the property once the drywall is complete. This part of the process ensures accuracy for condo documents for your end home-buyer.  At Designblendz we have streamlined this process for you and will help you in collaboration with our legal partners to have your condo docs written, and your architectural drawings finalized for your end buyer.  If you are interested in learning more about our process and how we can help, please fill out this link to get connected.
Developer RFP (Land Bank)
Considering a bid on a publicly owned parcel? Don’t know the steps or what all is involved? Don’t worry you are not alone, Philadelphia’s Request For Proposal (RFP) process is complicated, but our team will take you step by step through it all, in a simple and streamlined approach. We collaborate with our legal partners, all utilizing our experience with RFP submissions, to create a proposal that presents both an attractive and detailed picture of your proposed project vision and team to the relevant review committees. Combined, our team will help you compile and create everything you need to not only successfully.