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Real Estate Website Design

People used to spend hours driving through neighborhoods or scouring the real estate supplement in the Sunday newspaper to find the perfect home. These days, approximately 90% of folks begin their home search on the Internet.

If you’re a real estate agent who does not have a strong online presence, you’re probably having a hard time achieving your sales objectives. As one of the leading real estate website design companies in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, Designblendz can help you use the web to attract more clients — and make more sales.

What is Web Design?

Web design is the process of producing and maintaining websites. It requires designers to focus on branding, search engine optimization, and graphic design. When these talents blend together in harmony, it makes web design more efficient and cohesive. There are mountains of web design and coding techniques out there that help grow businesses and deliver positive messages.

However, in a time where clear information is sometime hard to find on the internet, it makes great web design a priority and valuable investment.  At Designblendz, we can provide customized real estate website development services that will help you present your properties and promote your brand in the most favorable light.

Search Engine Optimization – How to Grow Your Business

Small businesses and start-ups have used our web design services to help grow their businesses. We can help create your custom web site from scratch or help revamp your current one. We make effective use of search engine optimization to drive more traffic to your site and generate additional interest in your properties.  With our SEO placement tools, it will let people find you rather than you having to find them.

Increase Property Awareness With Virtual Staging

Web design for real estate can also include virtual staging. Virtual staging is the process of using 3D modeling to create stunning online images that transform an empty property into a visually staged work of art that will captivate your prospects. You’ll also save a significant amount of money when compared to physical staging.

Website Maintenance

Let us take care of the website maintenance so you can focus on your business. Web maintenance is necessary when you have a site that needs updating such as a blog or weekly menu. When a website becomes another identity of you, it needs to represent your business accurately and effectively. At Designblendz, we understand the dimensions of branding and presentation and we value your organization's perception on the web.