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What is BIM Consulting?

Our BIM consulting services gives designers and engineers the ability to work faster and more efficiently during documenting and designing a building. Combining 3D modeling with 2D drafting, we are witnessing a new standard of practice for coordinated design and project management. Most design firms have begun implementing BIM software such as Autodesk Revit and ArchiCAD, but it is becoming a burden and expense to train employees while still maintaining a profitable business. In a time of change, we embrace BIM as the new how for design documentation.

The Revit Virtual Environment

In Revit, the 3D virtual environment allows designers to build buildings, not draw lines. Not to say that basic drafting standards aren’t needed, Revit forces CAD enthusiasts to think of “drafting” as building.  It makes everything within the virtual world become a component of a building.  Bricks are bricks, walls are walls, and these objects become quantifiable. 

The power of BIM utilizing Revit keeps a project together in one file, so when a change occurs – it occurs everywhere. This saves time and reduces inconsistencies. The “Information” aspect of BIM is where we achieve a lot more ability than conventional software. Inserting cost parameters and recording take-offs are at the surface of potential, along with numerous other benefits.

Since we are “modelers” and not “drafts-people”, we can design and refine in three dimensions. This makes it very easy for our client to interact and give constructive criticism of the design.  We can make changes to the architectural environment in a 3D iterative process.

Integrations of BIM to streamline Construction Tasks

The integration of project estimation, scheduling, in addition to 3D modeling to BIM takes the software beyond a drawing. BIM managers are able to detect clashes between trades, and in turn “build” the resolution. Clash detection and constructability reports are very common requests from our clients.  We are able to help quantify materials within the building for bidding purposes before construction begins.  The main export of BIM are powerful schedules for every component of the building.  We can get very detailed in quanitifying the building or take a generic approach for window schedules, flooring, and exterior cladding materials. 

Ways we can help right away with your current Revit or BIM Needs.

  • If you are a solo architect or large architectural firm, we can optimize your current in house architectural team with our Revit Consultants so you can take on more projects.  We typically take on construction documents for other architectural firms to provide them with additional support.
  • If you are a  real estate developer, we can help quantify your construction.  During your next design and construction project allow us to come in from the begining to help design with a quantitative approach rather than an additive one.  Our 3D environments will also allow you to understand your project from the begining rather than tearing down a wall once it is built.
  • For all of our clients we believe customer support and communication is number one.  Our clients tell us that they appreciate the transparency and open communication during the entire process.

Other Benefits of Our BIM Consulting Services

Building Information Modeling consulting from Designblendz can provide a host of additional advantages for your company. It brings the various aspects of a project (architecture, engineering, construction, etc.) together into one fully integrated process, resulting in enhanced efficiency and significant cost reduction. By streamlining your workflows, our BIM consulting services will also maximize your return on investment and improve your projects’ bottom line.

Using our services also eliminates the need to rely on third parties for rendering and related tasks. Keeping everything in-house gives you greater control over your projects and helps you avoid costly mistakes that can result from miscommunications and not being on “the same page” with your service providers. You will experience a noticeable increase in quality of all your building projects, which will help you establish a solid reputation throughout your industry and generate more business.

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If you operate a business in Philadelphia, New York or New Jersey, BIM consulting services from Designblendz can take your project results to a higher level. Contact us for more information and a free quote today.


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