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Are your exterior drawings being met with lukewarm reactions from your clients? Exterior design 3D and visualization may be just what you need to bring your projects to life — and generate more interest. Designblendz offers expert 3D exterior renderings services that will allow your clients to envision the property in a more complete, realistic way — they’ll see it in a whole new light.

What Is 3D Exterior Rendering/Visualization?

3D rendering entails the implementation of three-dimensional imagery to create a compelling exterior design for everything from residential properties to commercial structures such as hotels, office buildings or entire downtown cityscapes. Our in-house 3D rendering experts can transform uninspiring 2D drawings into alluring 3D visuals that will produce that all-important “wow factor” and stimulate greater interest in your projects. We provide 3D exterior renderings with a close attention to detail our competitors cannot match.


18101201-74 E. 25th St_Exterior_Final_White Front

Our Exterior Design 3D Rendering Process

Designblendz makes it easy to receive a captivating 3D image of impeccable quality. Just supply us with your drawings or blueprints in PDF or CAD (we can also work with existing 3D models), and we’ll develop a preliminary model for your review. We’ll then incorporate any modifications/revisions you request and apply your desired material selections to virtually render a highly accurate, compelling 3D image. Next, we’ll return the final deliverable to you. Depending on the scope of the project, the entire exterior design 3D rendering process will take only 10 to 40 production hours — the average length is approximately 20 hours.


Our 3D Exterior Rendering Services Provide a Host of Valuable Benefits

3D rendering for exterior design applications is an extremely effective promotional/marketing tool. Your potential clients will experience a stronger, more realistic vision of what the completed exterior of the structure will look like, which can motivate them to make a firm commitment to the project. You can also include a level of detail that is not possible with 2D drawings or blueprints, which can produce more accurate construction results.

18063201-479 Middle Line_Exterior_Final_Day

Why Choose 3D Exterior Rendering/Visualization Services From Designblendz?

At Designblendz, we take the skills and experience of our in-house 3D rendering pros, architects, real estate marketing experts and construction gurus and combine them into one comprehensive service. This multi-faceted approach ensures we cover all the angles and deliver a high-quality result that will meet your needs. We also use the latest 3D imaging and modeling technologies that enable us to complete projects faster and with greater precision than many of our competitors.

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Our Philadelphia, PA-based 3D rendering design company proudly serves eastern Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. We also offer Interior Rendering Services.

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