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Design-Build Helps Real Estate Development

When you engage in the design-build method, you meet with the same people, dial the same number, and maintain the same point of contact, whether you’re figuring out where to place windows or choosing cabinet finishes. Your time is valuable...don’t spend it trying to track down an electrician who can coordinate with your bricklayer.

Costs are reduced through design-build. When the architecture team hands off a design to our construction team, they significantly decrease the likelihood of change orders in the field. Our architects consult our construction managers and vice versa so that there are zero miscommunications or ambiguous details in the plans. Keeping the dialogue open between our different teams allows us to create more efficient residential and commercial properties. It also allows us to understand exactly what is achievable in the design before we get out in the field.

In the typical building process, once the architectural plans are finished, they have to be sent out for pricing. Pricing can take a great deal of time because estimate times vary and may result in a project being sent back to the architect for a redesign that will meet budget. Design-build alleviates the need for you mediate between two or more separate businesses and spend additional time and money on pricing and redesigning.

Our process designs and builds around your budget, instead of leaving you guessing about how much you will need to spend.


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