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What is Design-Build?

Cantrell1_webArchitects, engineers, and contractors play major roles when it comes to building houses. It is important to assemble the right team with professionals who understand the project and each other. Design-Build is a streamline service that helps developers and homeowners build houses from the ground up.

Designblendz is a team of passionate and talented people who will help clients along every step of a development project. With experience in residential design and construction throughout Philadelphia, Designblendz is proud to provide the complete Design-Build service.

General summary of a development project:

  • Design Adjustment: The adjustment will not bring major changes to the overall layout of the model. It is only necessary for the selected model to fit on a specified lot.
  • Zoning Permit: The City of Philadelphia requires zoning/use permit whenever there is a development project in the city. Our team will make sure the project meets zoning code, then prepare all necessary drawings and applications before submitting for the zoning permit.
  • Building permit: The City of Philadelphia requires building permit whenever there is a new construction project in the city. Our team will make sure the project meets international building code, then prepare all necessary drawings and applications before submitting for the building permit.
  • Site Prep/Excavation & Foundation: Site preparation will begin once the building permit is acquired. Site preparation differs due to site-specific conditions. In some cases, it is the demolition of an existing structure; in other cases, it is to acquiring the right to excavate. During this process, our team will coordinate contractors of all trades and required inspections. These inspections include soil compaction, rebar, and concrete form-work.
  • Framing: Our team will take care of the logistics of daily lumber deliveries. Our proven process maintains the architecture design and frames the house structurally as per all engineering drawings.
  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing): Installing MEP is one of the most important steps for building a truly functional house. Our team will work with contractors of all trades to determine the best layouts for wiring, plumbing, ductwork, and sprinkler piping. The team will ensure optimal layout that will provide efficient air flow and power distribution.
  • Finishing: Our team takes pride in craftsmanship and attention to details. From wall trims to bathroom tiles, we will ensure all chosen finishes are installed correctly.

Content of package upon initial deposit:

  • Summary: A guide to the development project and Designblendz’s role in the process
  • Spec book: Detailed specifications of selected materials, finishes, fixtures, and appliances
  • Project timeline: Estimated timeline for every phase of the project
  • Cost breakdown: Cost and fee report of the entire project



  • Design-Build is a service provided by Designblendz.
  • Design-Build is only available in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Design-Build does not include demolition of an existing structure.
  • Design-Build does not include underpinning.
  • Design-Build does not include special inspections for anything other than soil conditions, footing rebar, and wall rebar.
  • Designblendz does not provide engineering service, all engineers involved are consultants to Designblendz.