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Dear Friends, Family, Clients, Potential Clients, Dreamers, Tinkerers, and World Changers,

Thank you so much for believing in and supporting our mission here at Designblendz. We have grown so much as a collective since our conception back in July 2011 as a "blog of blending together all disciplines of design."

Since then, it's been a crazy positive whirlwind for our company, as we grow our team and continue to collaborate with our long-time clients while forming new relationships. We truly can't be thankful enough for the opportunities we have been granted.  

Here in 2020, I believe the professions of architecture and real estate development are changing below our feet. We are in the real estate revolution of our lifetime. The era of technology is finally catching up to this profession, as it has for a majority of other industries across decades. Real estate has always been the last industry to change, and this is simply due to the fact that all other industries need to be doing well to spend money on "real estate" improvements.

From design to visualizations, 3D is taking shape, whether you like it or not. I believe the firms that will remain competitive are those that truly understand the relationship of the virtual environment and its impact on real-life environments. The industry is finally realizing that if it can be built perfectly in a computer, it should translate 99% effectively to the field through technology and processes. Just like the auto industry.  

When it comes to the question, when will real estate slow down?  Not anytime soon.  I'm thinking at least five years out. We are seeing an influx of investment not due to "the market doing well" but because of the lack of affordable housing we have as a nation. We will continue to see houses going up for many years to come. In China, they were building cities to keep up with population growth before people moved there. I do believe we will see a stall in apartments though, because it is  cheaper to own a home than it is to rent, and people are figuring out ways to make cheaper, more affordable homes for the majority of our population.  

I am looking forward to what the future holds for our industry and excited to see the growth of our economy over this next year. I'm looking forward to sharing our experiences here at Designblendz, and to hearing from each and every one of you about what you are doing to stay competitive in our technology-driven real estate environment.

Wishing everyone the best!

Brian Corcodilos, CEO