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Designblendz Competitions is an initiative by a team who believes that participating in purely creative acts of problem solving and design help us to retain and develop our skills in ways otherwise inaccessible to industry.

Through design competitions, we supplement the problems we are “used to” solving with problems we have never approached, and we challenge ourselves to craft solutions that take a serious stance on the problems we are presented with. Through these competitions, we become better practitioners in the field for ourselves, and for our clients. This is a process-based approach to developing ourselves as a team of designers.



Competitions worth taking a look at this summer

Architectural Design Competitions are a great way to keep your design skills sharp, try out project and design typologies that you have less experience with, and develop your ...

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How to overcome the struggle of starting a Design Competition

Design competitions offer a lot to designers who are willing to take on the challenge. Often, the process of working on the competition is more rewarding than results, but ...

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Introducing: Designblendz Competitions

For almost a year the team at Designblendz has been engaging in design competitions. As a collective we all found interest in the idea of competitions and the many challenges ...

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