The designblendz 2018 housing paradigm challenge

"When two are one"
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submission deadline: jan. 5, 2018

Initially a city of brick, Philadelphia’s housing design language is rapidly evolving. Housing development currently maximizes interior space that creates designs which offer promising interior experiences at the cost of outdoor space. This rapid evolution in design also places importance on the front, or street-facing, facade, as this is a home’s physical face to the neighborhood, and the first visual buyers and homeowners will see. An unchallenged growth in facade design options and modern material choices juxtaposes a sense of individuality and uniqueness of a home’s facade with the potential for a visually chaotic streetscape for the neighborhood. This is claimed as both a positive and negative, yet it is clear that there exists an opportunity for a new paradigm to emerge.


Using two different user groups as a medium for design exploration, this challenge asks students to design two housing units on one site with the intention of crafting a design that is simultaneously unique and has the ability to inspire a new paradigm of housing design in Philadelphia. This designed-paradigm can look at the housing design as a whole, or any number of specific conditions within the project including, but not limited to: programmatic layout, materiality, circulation, sustainability, and green space.

This is an individual student competition open to all design students in the Philadelphia area.

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Ready to create something awesome?

First Place | A paid Internship at Designblendz for Summer 2018, as part of the Architecture team, 3D Experience team, or both (winner’s choice).

Second Place | An interview with Designblendz for a paid internship for the Summer of 2018.

Honorable Mention | An interview with Designblendz for a paid internship for the Summer of 2018. Three projects will be selected to receive Honorable Mention. The jury may also select any number of additional entries as Finalists. Any students who receive an award but are graduating in May 2018 will be considered for a full-time position, instead of an internship.

All winners will be published on the Designblendz website on Monday, January 22nd, 2018, and will be notified immediately after the judging process has concluded.


Please register to compete in this competition by January 3rd, 2018 by going to

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after registering, and a seperate e-mail with a five digit Project Number for your file submissions.