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Facade Shuffle: Practical Use of Randomization

A row home facade, no more than 19 feet wide and 38 feet tall, is fairly easy to manage. There are only so many windows and material ...

April 20, 2018

P2P Network, Cryptocurrency, and the Scalability Problem in Rendering

The sudden burst of public attention to blockchain technology in 2017 caused many industries to evaluate their workflow. Most ...

April 16, 2018

The Challenges of Creating Interactive Virtual Space

For some creators, it is their dream to construct an unlimited virtual space. A place where the participants can do what their hearts ...

April 9, 2018

Research Topics

  • CGI
    Learn and adapt professional computer-generated imagery technique.
  • General
    General news and updates by the lab.
  • Computational Design
    The study of geometry through computation algorithms.
  • Feasibility Study
    Data driven building code analysis.
  • Virtual Reality
    Computer-generated scenario that simulates a realistic experience.
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