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 The real estate industry has come a long way since the days of newspaper ads and referrals. Forty-four percent of home buyers will shop online first!

Does your real estate company have what it takes to stand out from the competitors?

Real estate business nowadays is competitive. You need an approach that uses savvy techniques to gain the attention of home buyers on the internet.

It's hard to do by yourself. But with the right real estate marketing agency, you'll get attention from the right kind of buyers and stay above the competition.

Let's take a look at some of the key services a great real estate marketing agency can offer. These tactics make selling properties easier than ever!

1. Graphic Design

Great graphic design is a key to getting customers to trust you with something as important as their new home.

Home-buying is a visual process. If a potential buyer is not impressed by the visuals on your website it will be hard to make a sale, no matter what the quality or price of the real estate is.

Your real estate marketing agency will help you design a great logo or revamp an old one, as well as designing all of your on and off-line materials with a consistent, strategic approach.

2. Branding

Branding goes hand in hand with graphic design.

Branding is what can truly set your business apart, though. There will always be competitors, but branding is what helps customers make the choice.

Branding today is about telling stories. Many customers don't want a faceless company that seems to exist in a vacuum. They want to see the stories of the people who work there, the way the business was founded, or how it has helped other customers just like them.

With great branding, everything about your company from online materials to paper handouts will be consistent and give the right impression to customers. A great brand is personable and approachable, not cold and faceless.

You can have great properties, great agents, and a great logo, but without branding, you likely won't have sales. A real estate marketing agency knows how to pull everything together to make your brand stand out.

3. Local Marketing

Real estate is, of course, all about location.

That's why local marketing is now key to getting your properties in front of the customers that want to see them.

In the world of real estate, local marketing should be your main focus. Most people in other parts of the country or world won't be interested in seeing what you have to offer - but local buyers will.

There are different strategies in the local marketing category. You might post content that your local customers are interested in by starting a blog section on your site about local real estate news.

SEO techniques can also help with local marketing. Optimizing for location-specific keywords helps local customers find your site more easily.

Teaching yourself local marketing can be difficult, but with a real estate marketing agency, you won't have to do it on your own.

4. 3D Renderings

Customers are impressed by state-of-the-art technology such as 3D renderings. This is a great way to help them get a realistic idea of the property in a modern, exciting way.

With a 3D rendering, you can show potential buyers the exact design of a building, even before it's built.

It can be hard to explain a building plan in a way that helps buyers understand it. With a 3D rendering, though, you won't have to.

You'll even get realistic-looking lighting and surfaces in your rendering. The 3D technology is far more advanced than it once was.

This is a surefire way to help customers remember you for the future. It's also a great way to catch and correct any flaws in the design before building starts.

Things that are easily overlooked in the planning stage might be apparent right away in the 3D digital model.

5. Virtual Tours

Another great modern real estate marketing technique is the virtual tour.

Let customers "explore" a listing on your site before they see it in person. This gives a much more memorable and realistic experience than just photos and text.

Offer virtual tours so that interested buyers can really see what that "3BR/2B" layout looks like. Some virtual tours are video, while others might use a combination of video, photo, and panoramic images.

Your customers will appreciate the convenience that a virtual tour offers. If they can "look around" before actually making a visit, they'll never feel that they wasted time.

In fact, potential buyers are more likely to make a visit after taking the virtual tour, since they will be more certain that they'll be looking at something they are going to like.

6. Architectural Models

It may seem surprising that architectural models still have a place in this modern, digital real estate world. However, for some clients, these are actually a great choice.

You may not want an architectural model made of every home you're putting on the market. But for a major project, such as a large new apartment complex, this can be an impressive way to show interested parties what you have in mind.

There is something classy and creative about these models. They offer an experience beyond even what 3D models can offer.

Of course, building these models on your own would be far too expensive and time-consuming. Instead, leave it to the marketing agency to build the models, so you can focus on impressing the customers that walk through your door.

Hire a Real Estate Marketing Agency Now

When you simplify your marketing approach by using an agency, you'll be free to focus on what really matters: selling real estate.

Marketing is a massive industry that can't be learned in days, weeks or even months. With the expertise of an agency on your side, your marketing will stand out from the crowd of competition.

The best marketing agencies offer a variety of services. You'll find all of the above services on our website, plus more - check them out here and get ready to boost your business now.

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