Using Pinterest In Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

If you're a real estate agent who is not on Pinterest, it's time to get cracking. Here's why (and how) to use Pinterest in your real estate marketing plan.

You know what Pinterest is, right? It's a platform for people who want to share artsy and crafty pictures or photos of their food.

Or so it may seem.

The thing is, Pinterest is so much more and it should be part of your real estate marketing plan. Here's why.

Maybe you've already invested in all sorts of real estate technology, and that's great. But Pinterest gives you a social media presence that's different from other platforms.

Basically, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where you can “pin” images or videos from all over the internet to different boards under your profile. There is no limit to the number of pins and boards that you can have.

Another cool thing? Each pin has a description and links to the website from which you pulled the video or image.

So does that mean Pinterest is the best place to land a deal? Well, maybe. But think beyond that.

Well, maybe. But think beyond that.

Including Pinterest in your real estate marketing plan to help you land a deal is just one of its benefits.

And according to many real estate specialists, making the score shouldn't even be the main focus because Pinterest has so many other assets.

For example, a social engagement manager for a real estate company in New York uses photos from the company’s active listings to create pinboards highlighting interior design features.

On the company's Pinterest page, there are pinboards for kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, as well as rec rooms, outdoor areas, and any other areas. Each photo on the pinboards links back to the original listings on their website.

The company has found success with this approach too. They use it to bring a playful element to the business, while clients use it as an online catalog to flip through homes because it is so "visually stunning."

It's a win-win. And the company gets about 500 referrals each month to its website from its Pinterest page.


If you want people to see you as the expert for all things real estate, Pinterest is a great platform.

And this is true not just for realtors, but for those specializing in home improvement, residential development, and commercial construction too. 

Here are some things you'll want to pin on your Pinterest board that will kick up results from your real estate marketing plan:

1. Showcase your home listings.

If you're a realtor, you'll obviously have a board for all of the homes you have for sale. This is how you showcase them.

Take pictures that will really demand attention - like a scenic view, an amazing master bedroom, or something unique in the architecture.

The you can organize the home listings in any way you see fit. You'll likely want to have more than one board.

For example, you can have one board per listing or sort the listings by their key features, such as "Homes with Wine Cellars," "Farmhouses," of "Family Friendly."

2. Provide neighborhood information.

You could also have a board reserved for each of the main neighborhoods where you sell homes.

The boards could illustrate restaurants, shopping, and events in that area.

If you have a specific city or community you cover, this is a great way to make them even more appealing. Fill the page with photography that's perfect for pinning.

Also, be sure you have social sharing tools on the page that include Pinterest, which makes it a breeze for those who visit your site to re-pin content.

3. Take one for the team - A photo, that is.

Your followers want to feel connected with you. Especially when it comes to something as personal as real estate.

A great way to build trust with your followers is to include one board that introduces you and your team. This will make them feel like you're a real person and not some internet persona.

4. Inspirational interior design.

Once you have the essential boards established, you can start getting really creative. Yep. Pinterest inspires creativity. Remember those artsy pictures?

Yep, Pinterest inspires creativity. Remember those artsy pictures?

Consider build boards about design inspiration. For example, create one for modern design and another for more traditional design. You can even separate the boards by designers, or even something as specfic as the color palette used.

For example, create one for modern design and another for more traditional design. You can even separate the boards by designers, or even something as specific as the color palette used.

5. Home improvement and renovation projects.

Another thing homeowners will want to look up? Things they can do to improve their home.

You can create separate boards for weekend projects, complete renovations, and other DIY ideas. (DIY is a real "thing" these days.)

Deciding how you want to approach making your own Pinterest boards isn't something you have to go alone. You can find great examples of realtors who are using Pinterest in vastly different ways but with equal success. 

So once you have all of these up and running, what's next?

You want to drive traffic to your Pinterest profile.

What's the point of using Pinterest as a part of your real estate marketing plan if no one is following? Not much, but getting followers isn't difficult.

If you use Twitter, you know that an effective way to get followers is to follow other users. Pinterest is no different.

There are four main ways to achieve this:  

  • Follow: You'll want to follow other users who have similar interests or are in your area. Do searches, browse by category or link to your Facebook contacts to find users to follow.
  • Like: If you're drawn to a pin, click the Like button. The pinner or others who also liked the pin could become your new followers.
  • Repin: When you repin, you not only show support for someone's pin, but you might just get a new follower out of it. 
  • Hashtags: Yep, hashtags aren't the sole property of Twitter anymore. Use hashtags within your pin descriptions to show up in searches for specific topics, or on the results page when someone clicks that hashtag from another pin.

To make your pins count, include as much detail as possible in each pin’s description. But remember, there's such a thing as information overload.

Also, Pinterest is super visual, but the searches still pull from keywords. You'll want to post high-quality images to increase your chances that other pinners will like, favorite or repin your post.

And finally, connect to other social media accounts. There's a tab dedicated to social networks in the Pinterest settings so it's easy to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo.

Then with the click of a button, you can share your pins on all your social networks and attract more followers.

So obviously, Pinterest is a valuable tool for any real estate marketing plan. And once you get the hang of it, you might even find it to be a lot of fun!

If you've had success using Pinterest in your real estate marketing plan, we'd love to hear about it!


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