Looking for 3D animation software for your real estate project? Here are the qualities your software should have.

There is one thing that impresses people more than anything else. It doesn't matter if you work in marketing or real estate: stories are the only things that make a true impression on people. If you want to make your company stand out from the competition, it needs to tell good stories through its products.


Yet, you need the right tools to tell your company's stories well. The quality of your stories is limited only by the means by which you tell them. That's why you need the latest greatest tools to help your company. To tell stories that make sales, you need good 3D animation software.

If you're not an expert in animation software though, it can be hard to tell what separates the good and the bad tools. Only experienced animators would know the importance that dynamic lighting or premade models can have on a project. And if you're trying to sell real estate, you're probably not an animation expert.

Luckily, we've prepared a guide to help you decide on the best 3D animation software for you. Keep reading below to learn what you need to look for in your animation software!

3D Animation Software Should Let You Tell Stories

The most important part of any kind of software is that it should let you tell stories. You should be able to create worlds that clients can believe in, with characters they can relate to. Your 3D animation software should give you the power to tell stories, even in the most abstract forms.

You should be able to shape characters that your clients can see themselves in. If you're working with a family, then you should build a family in your 3D animation software. And that family should spend their story exploring their potential new home so that your clients can explore the building with them.

Stories inspire people to act, so your 3D animation software should give you the power to inspire clients to act on a purchase.

Watching an Animation Should be an Experience

Animating a building should take clients into another world. Even if there isn't any motion in your animation, exploring the building should be lifelike enough for people to believe it can be built. Take your clients through each room in the building like you take them through scenes in a movie.

Each room should come with its own explanation of how it can be used. Your 3D animation software should allow you to write notes on how you want to present the room. At the very least, it should let you overlay text over the animation to explain how the room can be used.

Software Should Be a Multi-Functional Tool

Your animation software shouldn't only do one thing. If your software only animates models and lets you move around drawings, then it's bad software. It should be a tool that allows you to completely express yourself and your vision.

Animation software should allow you to edit scenes together and control the flow of a story. You should be able to angle the perspective through which people view your creations, so you can show it off in a variety of ways. And that's just the beginning of what your animation software should do!

More Models Means More Functionality

Most animation software comes with pre-made models you can use to make telling stories that much easier. When you don't need to worry about making models, you can focus on designing buildings and exploring them in a variety of ways. It's also not enough to just have models you can throw into your animation.

Those models should also be malleable. It's your software, so you should be able to control the things that come with it. You should be able to use the software's premade models as a foundation for your ideas. Most of all, your animation software should be able to animate the models you create and bring them to life!

UX Designs Matters to You, and Everyone Else

Animators should know they're tools like the backs of their hands, but not everybody can be animators. It takes time and experience to fully understand what the tools inside any kind of animation software can do. A good piece of software isn't just designed for one kind of profession; good software should be made for everyone to use.

You should choose an animation software anyone on your team can use. That way, you won't need to worry about costly training sessions every time you get a new hire. You'll also easily be able to teach yourself how to use it, so you can get started creating your animation quicker!

You Only Have so Many Resources

Most creative people use laptops to work off of so that they can travel and explore while taking their work with them. Yet, laptops are notoriously underpowered compared to traditional desktop PCs. And rendering animations can take a lot of resources.

Make sure your animation software doesn't consume too many resources, and that you'll be able to run it on your computer. You don't want to waste money on something you can't even run!

Is it Feasible to Find Good 3D Animation Software?

Good 3D animation software will have tools built in that are designed for you. IT should meet the specific problems you face in your position. And if you're designing real estate, one of those problems is determining if your ideas are even feasible.

Some 3D animation software comes with a built-in tool to determine the feasibility of a project. And if you're animation software allows you to run native architectural feasibility studies, you'll know if a project is worth it right at the first stages!

3D Animation Takes Your Company to Another Dimension

Finding the right 3D animation software is one of the most important parts building up your company. Your animation software is the single most important tool you will ever use in your whole career. It's how you connect with clients, visualize your ideas, and lead the rest of your team on how to build your designs!

Yet, it's hard to know what you need in your 3D animation software. Architects aren't expected to be animators, too. You may need guidance to find the right animation software for you, and for that, we're here.

Contact us if you want to know more about how our software can help you tell stories and make sales!


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