Historic-Home.jpegRenovating a historic home has distinct challenges and outcome. Know what to expect and how to survive the challenges.

 Lovers of historic homes also love the challenges that come with the charm of old, adorable houses. These houses could not get lovelier - their retro details, old-fashioned floor plan, and storied pasts give your home an extra depth and uniqueness.

People who love old houses love that they look nothing like cookie cutter houses and bring their own flavor to everyday lives. But restoring an old home isn't always easy. Here's the lowdown on what to look out for.

Learn to Live With the Quirks

An aging home is going to have its own quirks. It might have some crooked floors. The heating throughout the house might be uneven. The floor plan and door widths are not going to always be the most convenient.

Part of loving an older home is adapting to and living with these aspects. For example, you can choose smaller furniture that will fit through tight hallways. You can decorate to hide the crooked walkways.

You can throw on a sweater in the cold spot in the living room. If you're not willing to live with brand-new, even comfort than an older house might not be for you.

Start Small and Manage Expectations

Renovating a historic home takes time. For example, it might require a lot of patience to obtain the permits required to make certain construction changes to your new-old house.

Especially if you're on a budget, it will take time to plan out and complete all the small changes that you are hoping to make to complete your vision of your perfect renovation.

Instead of overwhelming yourself right away, start small with your vision. You can even use 3D real estate software to plan out this vision.

Imagine the renovation in phases and break down what needs to be done. Evaluate what you can afford when.

Also be sure to do research to make sure that your renovations are increasing the value of the home. Even if you don't plan to sell, your home is an investment. Invest smartly.

Choose the Practical Renovations First

While the practical renovations, including those to the masonry and the roof, seem tedious and hardly help make a house feel like a home, start there. It might be more fun to paint, but you'll thank yourself later what you have a solid foundation.

Starting with the hefty, burdensome stuff first is smart to make sure that whatever you do from here on out, you are doing it on a strong base of a house that will be able to keep up with you and keep you and your family safe.

Your Historic Home Renovation Questions Answered

A renovation is an overwhelming process and having the right architecture team on board can make a huge difference in the results and satisfaction at the end of the process.

Designblendz has years of experience helping clients obtain the documents and complete the vision of their construction project. We never settle in helping our customers achieve their home renovation dreams.

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