A construction set of drawings is essentially the road map that builders follow when erecting a new home, office or other property. Learn more about how a construction set works from Scott Woodruff, director of architecture, in the video below.

Scott_Contruction Set Final

The construction set is the easiest and most accurate way for architects to communicate their exact plans for how a given property should be built to contractors, inspectors and all building professionals working on a specific project.

Architects generate several different sets of drawings in order to build on a given project. Virtually all properties require a construction set.

When an architect, team of architects or an architecture firm generate a construction drawing set, it forces them to test the functionality and validity of the design. If it is determined that the building design is not feasible or functional in real world applications, the architect will need to make changes to ensure that it can be safely and properly built.

One thing that makes the construction process much easier once the design has been generated is Building Information Modeling, or BIM. Learn more about how BIM is applicable to even smaller home building projects here.

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