Selling your properties depends on more than the properties themselves. If you want a fast and profitable sale, try these online real estate marketing ideas.

Wondering how much the real estate industry is worth? Try a whopping $903 billion. That’s the amount of revenue it generates every single year.

If you’re not getting a piece of that pie, then you’re leaving loads of money on the table. Are you doing everything you can to shift these odds in your favor to make your real estate business profitable? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to do it. This guide explores some online real estate marketing ideas you can implement to turn your company into a cash cow. Read on.

1. Real Estate Marketing 101: Set up for Social Media

If you’re not on social media, what rock have you been living under for the past couple of years? Here’s an interesting fact for you: There are currently 2.46 billion active social media users on any given day.

If you’re not leveraging those numbers to bring in business then you’ll spend a lot of your time playing catch up with the competition. Instagram, in particular, is a great platform you can use to share some high-quality images and videos of your listings.

Before you know it, you'll develop a devoted online community of followers with whom you can connect and engage. By reviewing the comments section every so often, you'll be able to quickly identify potential leads and follow up on them.

2. Create a Website

At the risk of stating the obvious, having a company website is a crucial ingredient in generating online leads for your real estate business. Get a professional to design it and make it attractive.

Whatever you do, don’t use those free generic templates you’ll find in DIY websites. This is not only bad for business, but it also hurts your SEO ranking on Google.

Having a professional-looking website is the cornerstone of lead generation for most home selling sites. It’s the first place potential customers go to once your content generates some interest.

It would be a shame to work so hard to get leads only to lose them if they don’t find the information they’re looking for. Worse still, if they discover that you don’t even have a functioning website.

3. Optimize for Mobile

As you spend time and money creating a professional looking website, don’t forget about how it looks on mobile. Today, the sheer volume of mobile browsing has surpassed that of desktop searches.

This should be a wakeup call for you to make your website mobile-friendly if you hope to make any headway in the real estate world. Not only will Google bump up your site’s rank, but you'll also be able to reach prospective clients who exclusively use their mobile devices to browse the net. It’s a win-win either way you slice it.

4. Start a Weekly Newsletter

The real estate industry is cut-throat. You, therefore, need to find effective real estate marketing ideas (that work) to ensure that your brand doesn’t fade into oblivion.

A great way to do this would be to start a weekly newsletter to keep people in the know on the latest trends and developments in real estate. Not only does it keep you and your business relevant, but it's also a useful lead generation tool you can use to scout for new opportunities.

The content you can integrate includes recent listings, upcoming real estate events, latest news, and architectural trends. You can also write about helpful tips to deal with the common struggles most homeowners face.

5. Blog

Blogging is one of the most effective real estate marketing tools you can use to generate leads online. But, the process isn’t automatic.

You have to provide unique, captivating and engaging information that adds value to your audience. It needs to be customer-centric.

When marketing real estate, you have to get into the minds of potential homeowners and offer actionable solutions to some of the challenges they face. Some topics you can blog about include:

  • How to get a mortgage for your home
  • How to choose the best home loan financier
  • Quick ways to sell your home
  • Top benefits of using a real estate agent to sell your property
  • What to look for when choosing a home

Offering free advice to your audience not only grows your influence, but it also enhances your image as a thought-leader in the real estate world. That way, if someone needs to sell their house fast, you’re the first person that comes to mind every time.

6. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers represent the next frontier in digital marketing. It’s a way more effective method than using traditional marketing techniques.

So how can you make use of influencer marketing to generate leads for your real estate business? First, you need to identify who your target market is.

Are they the 20-something year-olds who are taking their first steps towards home ownership? Are they the folks in their 40s who are now more financially stable and looking to upgrade their present home?

Once you know who you want to cater to, identify the influencers whose following consists primarily of the demographic you want to connect with. You'll be surprised by all the creative and unconventional real estate advertising ideas they’ll come up with.

Partnering with them provides you with a pristine opportunity to expose your brand to a wider audience. This translates into more business for your company.

The Takeaway

Converting web traffic into leads doesn't magically happen. You need to have strong lead generating strategies in place to cultivate an interest in your real estate business.

You also need to be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight. Use the real estate marketing techniques outlined in this guide to get you on the right track and elevate your brand to new heights.

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