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The Evolution of 360 Virtual Reality Video | History of 360 & More

By Designblendz | 2/9/18 9:00 AM
The development of 360 virtual reality video technology changed the game. 

 Imagine being able to walk with your client through a house plan, but not having to be there physically. Imagine if you could show your client the best parts of a house or property you are selling, right from the comfort of their couch, without you even being there.

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8 Components That Create Awesome Virtual Home Tours

By Designblendz | 2/5/18 10:05 AM
virtual-home-tours.jpegQuality real estate virtual tours deliver excellent leads. Here are the components that make virtual home tours attract the attention of quality buyers.

 Are you confused about virtual home tours?

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How To Prepare a Home for Virtual Tour Photography

By Designblendz | 2/2/18 12:00 PM
virtual-tour-photography.jpegShowcasing a home with a virtual tour is a great way to increase the chances of a sale. 

 Is preparing your home for virtual tour photography necessary?

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VR Real Estate Video Isn't Just for High End Homes Anymore

By Designblendz | 1/29/18 10:00 AM

Real-Estate-Video-isnt-just-for-high-end-homes.jpegVR is becoming a more accessible technology and a necessity for realtors.

 As more cost-effective solutions are introduced daily, VR tech is becoming increasingly low-priced and accessible. With a plethora of free apps and extensions available, 3D rendering for a real estate video has never been easier.

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How Modern Technology Can Help With Pre-Selling Homes

By Designblendz | 1/9/18 1:00 PM
In the continually evolving world of real estate, it's crucial to stay on top of technological advances. See how tech can help with pre-selling homes here.

 This year, more homes are expected to be sold than in more than a decade.

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Things You Need to Know About Pre Selling Homes

By Designblendz | 12/5/17 3:00 PM
Successfully pre selling a home takes a certain level of dedication and knowledge. Check out these facts that you need to know by clicking here.

 Selling a home is a concept most people are familiar with. Pre selling a house is a little more difficult.

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The 5 Best Secret to Staging Bedrooms

By Designblendz | 5/11/17 9:15 AM

Knowing how to stage a bedroom correctly can make a huge difference! We're sharing the 5 best secrets to staging bedrooms in this post! Click here!

Staging a home has become a key factor in getting it sold more quickly and often for a higher selling price. You can count on buyers wanting to see the potential of every space within a home they are considering for purchase.

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The Best 3D Virtual Real Estate Software

By Designblendz | 5/9/17 9:15 AM

The Best 3D Virtual Real Estate Software

New technology is all the rage in real estate, but you need the best tools to be successful. Read to learn about the best 3d virtual real estate software.


If you want to give your customers a unique experience, using technology to your advantage is the way to go.

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How To Stage a House With People Living In It

By Designblendz | 5/8/17 9:15 AM

Not all staged houses have to be empty to be sold! If you need to stage a house with people living in it, click here! Learn how to stage house full of people!

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5 Real Estate Tech Trends To Look Out For

By Designblendz | 5/5/17 9:15 AM

Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest tech trends in real estate? 2017 has some cool stuff in store. Read to see 5 real estate tech trends to look out for.

Ever since the digital camera and the world wide web wedded to make virtual tours possible, contemporary technology has revolutionized the real estate business.

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