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Benefits of 3D Rendering Services | DesignBlendz

By Designblendz | 9/14/18 1:30 PM

Are 3D Rendering Services Valuable to Your Business?

Finding a company with reputable 3D rendering services can really make your website pop. Take a look at some of the major benefits of this service.


     Imagine you stroll through a great vaulted ceiling into a cozy wooden parlor. Imagine striding up a set of stairs and taking a corner into a well-adorned bedroom with just the right lighting. Imagine seeing these things rendered in shocking detail without needing to go through trial and error first.

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The Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Business This Summer

By Designblendz | 9/12/18 1:04 PM

The Best Digital Marketing Ideas to Use This Summer

Look no further than some of the best digital marketing strategies being used today. Follow ideas from the top online brands and watch your business grow!


    The real estate market is heating up, and this Summer may be one of the hottest sales opportunity you've had yet. Do you have the best digital marketing strategy to get found?

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Social Media Tips and Ideas for Construction Companies

By Designblendz | 9/3/18 12:59 PM

Successful Social Media Campaigns to Use in 2018

Running Successful Social Media Campaigns doesn't seem like a high priority, but it can be a great way to increase your online awareness for new customers.


      Successful social media campaigns are a great way to expand your audience through engaging content and word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients.

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The Insider's Guide to Movable Walls

By Designblendz | 8/27/18 12:18 PM

The Insider's Guide to Movable Walls

With open floor plans here to stay, it makes sense to incorporate movable walls into the design of both home and office spaces. Learn everything from the advantages to disadvantages in our movable walls guide.


The average size apartment in Manhattan? 550 square feet.

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Advantages of Raised Access Flooring Systems

By Designblendz | 8/23/18 12:08 PM

5 Advantages of Raised Access Flooring System

If your business uses a lot of technology, then perhaps a raised access flooring system is the perfect choice to invest in. Learn five advantages why a raised access floor can be beneficial to your company.


       Could a raised access flooring system benefit your business?

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AEC Industry Trends in Technology

By Designblendz | 8/17/18 10:22 AM

6 Important AEC Industry Trends in Technology

Do you need to know the latest AEC industry trends in technolgy? We've got the latest information to help keep you in the know and why it matters to your construction business.


    In 2016, the top 15 AEC companies made a total revenue of $125 Billion. This was more than the $100 Billion govtech budget for that year.

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Successful Real Estate Marketing Tips & Ideas

By Designblendz | 8/7/18 9:00 AM


In this digital age, promoting your real estate business online is a must. So, what does successful real estate digital marketing look like? Let's find out!

      Are you ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level?

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Benefits of Drones for Construction Projects

By Designblendz | 8/2/18 10:15 AM

5 Major Benefits of Drones for Construction Projects

If you're considering using a drone for your next construction project, there are several important advantages you need to know about. Continue on to learn five major benefits of drones for construction projects.


  A 2016 McKinsey report stated that drones are going to rapidly improve the speed at which construction projects are completed in the future. In truth, drones are already making huge strides in contributing to construction projects and speeding up their completion rates.

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6 Construction Industry Trends Every Marketing Expert Should Know

By Designblendz | 7/30/18 10:00 AM

6 Construction Industry Trends Every Marketing Expert Should Know

If you're a savvy marketing expert, then you know how important it is to stay on top of construction industry trends. Continue on to learn how to make the top six trends of the year work to your advantage.


  Did you know that construction sector contributes more than 800 billion to the U.S GDP? It's responsible for the largest and the most expensive projects in the world.

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