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How to Build a Ground Level Deck That Lasts

By Designblendz | 3/21/18 8:30 AM

Are you adding a deck to an existing dwelling or building from scratch?  You need to see these tips on how to build a ground level deck the right way.

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Basement and Man Cave Design Plans

By Designblendz | 2/19/18 10:00 AM

Every good man needs a place to retreat, relax, and release. The basement is the ultimate space for a comfortable room that will provide plenty of useful and entertaining value.

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Benefits of 3D Architectural Rendering Services for Real Estate

By Designblendz | 1/19/18 9:15 AM

7 Benefits of 3D Architectural Rendering Services for Real Estate Businesses

3D architectural rendering services for your building or property can over value to your marketing campaigns. 

 Did you know that only 20% of people still get their news from print media? Studies show that 57% get their news from the TV and another 38% get their news online.

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Things You Need to Know About Pre Selling Homes

By Designblendz | 12/5/17 3:00 PM
Successfully pre selling a home takes a certain level of dedication and knowledge. Check out these facts that you need to know by clicking here.

 Selling a home is a concept most people are familiar with. Pre selling a house is a little more difficult.

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Ensure Form Meets Function by Avoiding These Home Design Mistakes

By Designblendz | 11/27/17 9:05 AM
Use these Intuitive Home Design Tips to Ensure Flow, Function, and Comfort at the Hallmark of Your Home Design Plans.

 Without good home design, you will find it hard to sell a property. People want to be comfortable, and no couches can fix a poorly designed home.

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5 Ideas in Residential Design That Make Space and Place All About You

By Designblendz | 11/21/17 11:00 AM
Custom residential design is focused on reflecting who you are. Check out 5 ideas to make a home that is truly your space and place.

 In 2016, 550,000 homes were sold in the United States. If you recently bought a home, but Pinterest taught you everything you know about design, you may need some help. Especially if you want your home to reflect your personality.

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Let the Pros Handle Your Interior Fit Out

By Designblendz | 6/9/17 9:15 AM

If you have an existing space, you may want to renovate and get the latest interior designs. Here's why you should let the pros handle your interior fit out. 

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5 Ways for Every Real Estate Developer to Make More Money

By Brian Corcodilos | 10/4/16 9:00 AM

Who doesn't want to make more money and make their processes more efficient? In this post, we will explore 5 different ways that real estate developers can make more money. Let's have some fun!

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